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  1. Cool AndroMass v3, AndroDrive Log

    I will be running AndroMass v3 along side AndroDrive and Sustain Alpha topical for 8 weeks, and I'd like to log it since it's my first serious "anabolic stack" type of cycle. I've never messed with any AAS's or PH's before. The hardest compounds of ever ran have been all 3 versions of ALRI's Jungle Warfare except the most current generation, Novedex XT, IBE Formex, AndroHard V2 and V3, ALRI Restore several times, topical Formestane several times, and Vyotech 17-HD (remember that stuff?), LG's Formadrol back in 2007.
    A little background on me, I am 26 (27 April 3). I started weight lifting for the first time in my life while in college at Youngstown State University in Ohio. I lifted (mass building style lifts) usually 3 sets of 10, then 3 x 10, 8, 6 pyramid sets after a few months which is the routine I stuck to for a year or so.
    15% BF (estimate) but thin and frail
    Bench: 105lbs x 6
    Squat: never squatted
    Deadlift: never deadlifted
    Dips: Bodyweight x 2
    Overhead press: 85lbs x 5

    Current Best/Stats
    7.3% BF
    Bench 315 x 2, 265 x 6 typically
    Squat: 295 x 5 to floor, 365 parallel
    Deadlift: 450 x 6 best, 350 x 6 typically
    Overhead Press 185 x 6
    Dips: 180+bodyweight x 6 best, 135+bodyweight x 10 typically

    My training is primarily pyramid sets ranging widely from 6-20 reps (sometimes higher for certain muscle groups), but I vary my training CONSTANTLY so it's difficult to layout a typical workout on paper for someone to see what I do. Sometimes I do Westside methods to bust plateau's. Sometimes I do high volume training which I seem to respond best to even if I only do two exercises of 10-12 sets each (total 20-24 per muscle group. I only do this once a month or so per muscle group because it does tax my CNS pretty bad.

    Today is actually my 11th day on AndroDrive at 3 caps a day every morning upon waking. I couldn not decide between running AndroLean, Hard, or Mass alongside the Drive, but I settled with ordering both Hard, and Mass. Running Mass first for 6 to 8 weeks depending on how I choose to dose it, followed by 6-8 weeks of Hard. I plan on running Sustain Alpha the full 12-16 weeks, 5 days on, 2 days off protocol. PCT will be consist partially of the TRS stack by Primordial Performance (Sustain Alpha, TCF, and EndoAmp), but I'll be adding in another natty test booster/aromatase inhibitor along with it.
    What are my goals to acheive within the next 12-16 weeks? Well the same goals I have tended to stick with the past six years: stay lean as possible while putting on quality muscle mass. I just hope the AndroMass gives me a little kick in the ass and jumpstarts the process a little bit. I've managed to drop or maintain a bodyfat level of 11% or less over the course of six years while gaining approx. 45lbs of lean mass since I first picked up a weight. I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment, as I've done it somewhat naturally outside the supplements I mentioned above. Let me tell you it's a long, winding, rough, rollercoaster of a road staying lean as you attempt to bulk up at the same time. It's also very frustrating and at times got to the point I wanted to give up. But I always weighed the two possibilities "Quit and not make any gains? or Continue the battle and strive to build on my accomplishments?" Well, I always went with the latter. Bodybuilding has become more than just a sport, but a lifestyle. I live it, breathe it, eat it, sleep it, think it, coach it and do it. As I'm sure many of you reading this live the same way.
    Primordial estimates gains ranging from 8-14lbs depending on training technique and diet. Well, my goal on the AMv3 is to gain approx 5lbs of hard, lean mass while keeping, if not lowering my BF%, acheiving that "muscular fullness" feeling, tightening up, and gaining a reasonable amount of strength. My goals with the ADv3 are to increase my VO2 max therefore increasing my endurance (which has been declining lately), tighten and tone, and increase my motivation and reaction time.

    Being as it is my 11th day on ADrive, here is my workout for the day and my thoughts:

    High Volume Leg Day
    Back Squats (all sets ass to floor): 135x15, 155x12, 175x10, 195x6, 205x6, 205x4, 205x4
    Standing Calf Raises 180x15, 200x12, 200x10, 180x12
    Leg Extensions: 135x15, 135x15, 135x12, 135x10, 135x10
    Lying Leg Curls 95x12, 105x12, 115x10, 95x12
    Hyperextensions +25x12, +35x10
    Versacrunch (my name for a cable attachment that mimics a machine crunch) I did 4 sets of 12,12,10,10 with 110lbs
    Broomstick Twists 150 reps
    Double Crunches (my name for lower and upper ab crunches on a cable attachment using ankle straps) I did 3 sets of 10 w/30lbs

    Libido: Very high. Feeling very alpha male tonight.
    Strength: Up. Felt very solid on squats. Coulda done more weight and reps, but was happy with what I got done.
    Neuro activity: Throughout the day my mind has been wandering 1,000 different ways but when it came time to focus on certain things, I had no problem with regaining concentration and getting jobs done whether it be at work or in the gym. I'm more "aware" of what's going on around me.
    Aggression: Up. I get easily irritated with stupidity and ignorance which isn't good. I do have a strong drive in general, so when laziness goes on around me it ticks me off right away. I am aware of this trait, so I know how to control it. Sometimes I just choose not to.
    Endurance: Definately up. I didn't rest longer than 60 seconds between my first 5 sets of squats and never got winded. I know 99% of the people in my gym being as I used to work there and practically live there now (which tends to get crowded with 40+ people between hours of 4 and 8pm, so I was bothered quite often between sets.
    Other side notes, I've felt rather bloated this evening. Could be from the 3 protein bars I had throughout the day at work and the cup of brown rice, but I don't feel as bloated right now. Seems to be gas, haha. AndroDrive seems to have my mood more on the positive side. I'm more upbeat more often.

    I have the day off work tomorrow, I'll be home the majority of the day to rest, eat, and take care of my brother's puppy I'm babysitting for the weekend.
    I plan on hitting chest tomorrow evening. I will post my workout tomorrow. Hope someone follows this log

  2. Subscribed
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks for subscribing HereToStudy:-)

    I just popped 4 AD's this morning. I'll be taking it easy and running some errands this morning, hitting chest late this afternoon. Will update tonight.


    Incline Barbell Press 155x15, 175x12, 195x10, 205x10, 225x6, 225x6
    Decline JM Press 205x12, 225x10, 245x8, 255x6, 265x6
    Flat Dumbbell Flys 35'sx15, 37.5'sx15, 45'sx12, 50'sx8
    Overhead Press 135x12, 145x12, 155x10
    Barbell Shrugs 225x15, 275x12, 305x10, 315x8, 345x6
    Bentover Dumbbell Lateral Raises 17.5'sx12, 17.5'sx12
    Side Delt Cable Laterals 20x12, 20x12, 15x12

    Libido: Again, high. Which is great.
    Strength: Up. Wasn't my strongest today, but I felt solid. 99% of all reps for each exercise were strict and I felt every one.
    Neuro activity: All day today, I haven't been very motivated or focused. I've actually felt "off" today, which discourages me to lift. But, once I put my headphones in, turn on my first song, and hit the first rep, I'm focused on getting work done.
    Aggression: Again, very easily irritated. Even watching guys in the gym do exercises with horrible, "are you TRYING to injure yourself??" kind of motions, piss me off. The gym I was at this evening (my primary gym) has one, yes one, squat rack. It's rare anyone is in it doing anything remotely correct, but generally I use it atleast once per workout to do some type of heavier exercise. Tonight I wanted to shrug in it and some kid was doing squats (okay I give him credit for actually doing legs), but he obviously doesn't squat much and had 225 doing 1/3 reps just barely bending the knees and going back up. Things like that where guys are wasting their time and my own just tend to drive me crazy. That feeling is amplified since being on AndroDrive.
    Endurance: Up. Given I stuck within the 6-12 rep range, I was never winded whereas before being on AD, I'd get out of breath easily between sets. I've slept like a baby lately, and I'm out pretty quick once I hit the sheets.
    Other side notes: My chest looked massive after tonight's workout. As did my traps and ?arms? for some reason. I don't feel bloated tonight, I actually feel tight and hard which is great. The Arnold Classic started today. I'm in a small town in Ohio about 3 hours Northeast of Columbus. I've gone down twice in the past 6 years. It's fun to go, but nothing special unless you go for a couple nights and watch the shows and stuff. To be honest, I'd rather save my money and get a couple workouts in this weekend.

    Call me crazy but I paid the $25 to get 1 day shipping on AndroMass. FedEx tracking says it will be here tomorrow, March 2 by 10:30am. I plan on popping 3 AD's upon waking, and 3 AM's when it arrives. I'm excited to get this stuff started. My AndroHard is in my drawer ready to go in 8 weeks:-)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jayfit85 View Post
    Call me crazy but I paid the $25 to get 1 day shipping on AndroMass. FedEx tracking says it will be here tomorrow, March 2 by 10:30am. I plan on popping 3 AD's upon waking, and 3 AM's when it arrives. I'm excited to get this stuff started. My AndroHard is in my drawer ready to go in 8 weeks:-)
    I paid PP to overnight me Mass when v2 came out. They kept pushing back release, so my cycle was supposed to start well before, so i figured "**** it, im ready"
    Just inject.

  6. Following bud, nice layout with your log so far

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Following bud, nice layout with your log so far
    Thanks Ryan. I like to keep things detailed as possible. It's easier for readers to get a better idea of things.

    I had PP ship the package of Mass to my work. It came 4 minutes before I got there so they didn't drop it off even though I signed a no signature waiver. I called FedEx to re-route it back or I'd pick it up at the facility (I wanna start my cycle dammit!)...and I didn't pay $25 for nothing. Luckily, 20min later here came the FedEx lady :-) Popped 3 Mass's and had a Zero Impact protein bar.

    Today is an "off" day for lifting. I'm working a double tomorrow, so I'll be going to my secondary 24hr gym which has heavier weights and hammer strength equipment (which I love) to do back. I will post my workout tomorrow evening.

    Libido: Up. I think it's funny when you're on "the stuff" that shoots your hormones up, you find yourself checking out women you may not normally check out when you're libido isn't quite above normal range. Haha....
    Endurance: N/A
    Neuro Activity: Awareness of surroundings increased (above normal). Easier to focus on many small tasks at once.
    Strength: N/A
    Aggression: Way up. Very easily irritated once again. Specifically with arrogance, stupidity, and laziness to make a lengthy description short. Even got snippy with my boss and a girl I'm dating.
    Other Side Notes: Feel hard. I look more "full". A few guys that came into my store today (The Vitamin Shoppe) are going to the Arnold today and tomorrow. Usually Arnold weekend = empty gyms. I'm looking forward to getting back into Steel Valley (my secondary gym) it's been a few months since I've been in. Unmotivated in this cold weather.

    Thanks for following everyone.

  8. Libido: Same, which is good.
    Endurance: Seemed to be flowing steadily from beginning of cycle. No increases. I should do some sort of cardio to test my VO2 max.
    Neuro Activity: A slight headache this evening post workout (11:00pm). Could be dehydration. Only drank 3/4 gallon of water throughout day. Work was so busy, it was hard to eat or drink much.
    Aggression: Yet again, way up. Very easily irritated with everything, but it doesn't reflect on others. I do keep it under control and hide it very well (I think), but I do notice it.
    Other Side Notes: Felt bloated almost all day, mainly in the abdominal area. I don't look it, but I feel it. Just overall 'blah' feeling. Didn't sleep well last night, only 5-6 hours tops, worked a 12 hour day, lifted an hour, and back at it again in the morning around 11am to do arms?? or shoulders and bi's. Muscularity is full post workout in lats and rear delts.

    BACK Workout @ Steel Valley

    Cable Lat pulldowns to front 120x15, 130x12, 140x10, 140x10
    Behind Neck Hammer Strength Pulldown 180x12, 200x10,220x8, 240x6 dropset 180x12
    T Bar Rows from floor +105x15, +125x12, +140x10, +155x8, +170x6
    Seated Cable Rows 110x12, 120x10, 140x8, 150x6 dropset 100x12
    Reversegrip Pulldowns 90x12, 90x12
    Machine Crunch 50x12, 50x12

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jayfit85 View Post
    Libido: Up. I think it's funny when you're on "the stuff" that shoots your hormones up, you find yourself checking out women you may not normally check out when you're libido isn't quite above normal range. Haha....
    Test goggles man, they can set some new low points.
    Just inject.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Test goggles man, they can set some new low points.
    I hear ya on that! 8-)

  11. Arms, Shoulders, Abs

    Barbell Preacher Curls +30x12, +30x10, +40x8, +50x6
    EZ Bar Pressdowns 70x20, 90x15, 110x15, 120x10, 120x8
    Reverse Pressdowns 90x12, 90x10, 70x12
    Incline DB Curls 35's straight sets x10
    Overhead One Arm DB Extensions 20x20, 20x15, 20x12
    Floor Presses 180x12, 210x12, 220x10
    Rope Hammer Curls 70x12, 80x10, 90x10
    Side Cable Laterals 20x12 straight sets total 4 sets
    Overhead Smith Presses +90x15, 100x12, 110x10, 120x8
    Barbell Shrugs 225x12, 275x10, 295x10, 325x8
    Versa cable crunches 100x12, 110x12, 110x10
    Weighted Hanging Knee Raises BWx15, +12.5x12, +12.5x12
    Double Crunches 20x12, 20x10

    Libido: Up, but I'm not really scoping out every woman around. I was more focused on my workout today than anything else.
    Endurance: Coulda worked out forever physically. Mentally not so much. I just did heavy back last night, only recovered 12 hours and did arms and shoulders this morning. Thus, leading me to next topic.......
    Aggression: I'm really irritable and angry today. I'm not mean to anyone, but if anyone stepped in my way today I woulda been sure to put em in their place (if a guy took my bench, cable, etc...). I swear ppl sense that in me, cause no one talked to me as much today. Then again Sunday's are the days the least amount of ppl I know are in the gym. Maybe overtrained = increased irritability today, not necessarily the AD or AM.
    Neuro Activity: Focused. In the zone despite being potentially overtrained.
    Strength: Increased on some lifts, but nothing I couldn't acheive being off "the stuff". Yet.
    Other side notes: Feel dense and hard in chest and back. Ever since I began working out consistently, I've always been able to maintain above average vascularity especially in my arms, lower abs and chest when I flex. While working out I have a roadmap of veins all throughout my arms. It's pretty ridiculously awesome. It's been more pronounced since beginning AMv3.

  12. Subbed. Good luck.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  13. Nice to see the vascularity kick in.
    Just inject.

  14. Chest, Abs

    Incline Barbell Presses 155x20, 185x15, 205x12, 215x8, 225x6
    Flat DB Presses 80's x 12,10,10
    Decline Barbell Presses 205x12, 225x10 235x8 255x8
    Flat Flys 37.5'sx12, 42.5'sx10, 47.5'sx8, 50'sx6
    DB Pullovers 60x12, 65x12, 60x10, 60x10
    Incline Smith Presses 185x12, 215x12, 225x10,135x15
    Cable Crossovers (High) 45x15, 50x12, 55x10, 35x12
    Versa Crunches 115x12, 125x10, 115x10
    Double Crunches 25x12, 30x12, 30x10

    It was like spring break 2012 in the gym tonight. Apparently ever 17-21 year old decided to go flex their ignorance tonight in my gym. There had to of been 30+ college and high school kids in the gym tonight. Luckily as I was able to get all my exercises in quickly and efficiently when I wanted to them in the order I wanted to do them. I wasn't super aggressive, but I was definatley in the zone. More of a mellow zone, not a cracked out, intensely aggressive zone. It was a nice change of pace. My strength wasn't up on any lifts, but I had a nice pump going by the time I hit flys and pullovers that lasted through all 8 sets. Did abs real quick and bolted outta there. Chest felt nice and big.

    Libido: Up, but maintained where it has been since start of cycle. Not like a dog in heat or anything.
    Endurance: Maintained. No major change.
    Neuro Activity: Focused. Calm. Always thinking ahead.
    Strength: Nothing major to report. No PR's broken. Nice pump on moderately heavy sets of fly's.
    Aggression: It really is true what the read-up on AndroMass says. It's like you're The Hulk. You can be calm and content, but then you can be a raging machine, and pissed off at someone who's driving 10 under in front of you, a kid curling in the squat rack when you wanna do legs, or a knucklehead dropping the 40's to impress some chick. This aggression just comes over me all of a sudden. It's not like "roid rage" aggression (although I don't know what that's like), it's just a HIGHLY, CONTROLLED, SENSE OF AWARENESS being the motivated, driven, goal acheiving person you tend to be when on this stuff. I'm liking it thus far. Would like to see some strength and mass gains though.

    Tomorrow is leg day I believe. Maybe arms or bi's and shoulders. I'll decide tomorrow afternoon and will post my routine tomorrow night.
    Thanks for following along on this ride with me you guys who've subbed in. Hope my log makes it worth your time reading.

  15. Appreciating the level of detail.
    Just inject.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Appreciating the level of detail.
    Thanks HereToStudy. Hope you're enjoying the log thus far. I have always enjoyed writing (as well as supplements) so the combo of writing a log of a supplement is win-win I guess. Wouldn't mind getting paid for it though!

    Okay, so apparently this week is what I am classifying as "Post Arnold Classic Week", where every 17-24 year old I've never seen in my gym before decides that after going to the Arnold Classic this weekend, they're determined to get big and swole by taking all those great supplements in the pretty well-marketed packaging (Ahem, BSN, ahem, Muscletech) and putting in a few half ass workouts per week. Although I give em credit, just face facts now guys and wake up. Not gonna happen.
    Anyway, I seem frustrated cause the gym has been packed in the evenings with these knuckleheads. I had a dynamic duo stand directly in fron of the mirror (pet peeve) and do EZ bar curls with horrible form and shaky legs like a new born doe trying to stand on its hind legs and hump a tree. Then forget to use pins as I watched the 10's roll off one side, then the other. Okay, next they do some standing, yes, standing right in front of me and do dumbbell curls with their sleeves rolled up. Okay, buddy, your 9 inch guns are ridiculous, step aside please so I can re-rack my 90. Takes me back though. I remember when I first started in this world of weight lifting I thought doing endless bouts of curls would give me huge arms. Lesson learned, the triceps are the bigger muscle group, and doing heavy upper body work yielded better results. Though all them curls do have their place. Ok, getting to my daily log update now....

    Libido: Leveled off, high, but just above average.
    Endurance: Could be from decreased recovery time going on 12 hours of rest time from one workout (Tuesday night to Wednesday morning), but my endurance was actually decreased today. Tried doing my high rep leg day with shoulder supersets, and had no stgamina. Probably a bad judgement call on my part.
    Neuro Activity: "Aware and alert", but my mind is in a million places. That's just my life at the moment though in general.
    Strength: Nothing.
    Aggression: Highest it's ever been in my life. Not high at all times, but when I get irritated, I get REALLY irritated and could care less who's feelings I hurt (within reason). Like the two kids curling in front of me taking up 6 or 7 feet of dumbbell rack space I was THIS CLOSE to being a total dick about them being in the way, and I knew exactly what I wanted to say to them, but bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut. I knew if I said something I'd be really mean, so I refrained.
    Other Thoughts: Feel "hard" at certain times of the day, but for the most part I don't feel any different. When I flex, I'm definatley harder than usually, and I'm generally a very lean, hard guy. I train and diet year round to be that way. I feel better that way, and the women seem to prefer it.:-)

  17. expect a hardening/recomp effect. you will gain, but it will be mostly LBM and reduced BF
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  18. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    expect a hardening/recomp effect. you will gain, but it will be mostly LBM and reduced BF
    good to hear R1balla. That's exactly what I'm looking to acheive.

  19. ARM DAY

    In all honesty, I don't feel like recording my workout tonight. I did arms. I was focused, pretty much tunnel vision tonight. I loved it. Sweat like crazy and got 20 sets tri's 14 sets bi's in approx 75 minutes with under a minute rest between all sets.
    Dips (got bodyweight + 135 x 8 on 4th set) Not my best
    Seated Dumbbell Curls (got 50's for 6 each arm on 4th set. No PR, but felt good)
    Reversegrip Pressdowns
    Overhand EZ Pressdowns (got 120 x 8 on 5th set strict form and coulda got more. Got a pump, so I stopped and went to extensions)
    One Arm Overhead DB Ext
    Preacher EZ Bar Curls
    Reverse Curls
    DB Forearm Curls
    Rope Hammer Curls

    Libido: Sky high.
    Endurance: 4 outta 5 stars
    Neuro Activity: Tunnel vision like focus tonight. Also drank a BrainToniq drink pre workout. Here's the formula breakdown if you're unfamiliar with it: Alpha GPC, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Blue Green Algae, and DMAE in a 1,830mg proprietary blend. This drink mixed with AndroDrive has seemed to amplify the effects of the ADv3. It's fantastic.
    Strength: No PR's broken today, but I felt solid as a rock tonight. Plus I popped 5 Hemavol tablets pre workout too. Hmm...
    Other Thoughts: Nothing to report. Hitting it hard again in approx. 12 hours give or take a half an hour. I'm thinking I'll be hitting chest. Another side note, I took 4 AD's yesterday and 6 AM's. No increased effect. Downed it back to 3/3 today. I liked how I felt today better than yesterday. I was a big grouch and didn't wanna be talked to. Ha ha...

  20. Always good to have great results off less of a dose

  21. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Always good to have great results off less of a dose
    yeah Ryan! Milk that 8 week cycle

  22. Quote Originally Posted by jayfit85 View Post
    Neuro Activity: Tunnel vision like focus tonight. Also drank a BrainToniq drink pre workout. Here's the formula breakdown if you're unfamiliar with it: Alpha GPC, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Blue Green Algae, and DMAE in a 1,830mg proprietary blend. This drink mixed with AndroDrive has seemed to amplify the effects of the ADv3. It's fantastic.
    Sounds like a decent mix, I wonder what the dosages are on some of those ingredients (outside of the prop blend).
    Just inject.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Sounds like a decent mix, I wonder what the dosages are on some of those ingredients (outside of the prop blend).
    It's a nice citrus tasting drink. Just not a big fan of the 20g's of sugar from agave nectar they throw in there. It adds a nice boost to my pre workout and the AndroDrive though.

    Now, looking back in my log book, today is day 25 on AndroDrive and 13 for AndroMass. Looks like I have quite a long ways to go. I've kept each at 3 softgels per day. I'm also stacking DermaTherm and Sustain topical 5 days on two off BTW. I do seem to sweat more on the Derma, but I've started tanning again which makes me sweat as well (circulation closer to skin surface maybe???)...and the Sustain helps give me a muscular fullness feeling. Now onto the AndroDrive. I do feel more "aware" and mindful of things in general, but the placebo effect has long since worn off and I may bump it up to 4 or 5 gelcaps a day soon. The AndroMass, given it's only day 13, tomorrow will be two weeks, I feel thicker overall, but kinda soft in my abdominal region although I don't look it. I have upped my carbs since starting AM as well, so that could be the culprit. I used to always carb cycle to help keep year round leanness, but have kept carbs up the past month to gain some LBM. I will probably go back to carb cycling here soon since the weather is breaking. I wanna be lean come May, which AM should take me up til May 2 given I stay at 3 gels a day. I plan on bridging AndroHard with Mass when Mass has about 10-14 days left. Sufficient???

    LIBIDO: ***** outta 5 stars. I'm happy with where it's at.
    ENDURANCE: ****. Never get winded anymore. Breaths seem to be a little deeper and prolonged.
    NEURO ACTIVITY: Aware and mindful, but still distracted by personal and financial distress. Always focused when I'm lifting though.
    STRENGTH: Although I haven't noted any major strength gains, typical sets with a given weight are much easier to pound out than when not on this stack. Mind muscle connection has greatly increased the past two-three weeks.
    OTHER NOTES: Feel sorta soft in the abdominal area. Not as chisseled and hard as usual. Seems to be more pronounced in the afternoon/evening than first thing in the morning. Maybe I should add an AI (aromatase inhibitor) or GDA (glucose disposal agent)...thoughts guys???

  24. If one of the guys from PP could chime in and give me some advice on the following, it'd be greatly appreciated....
    My overall goal is to gain 6-8 lean muscle mass pounds on this stack. My initial thought when I began my cycle of AM/AD was to keep my leanness and gain some mass. I have AHv3 on hand to bridge with AMv3. Would it be wise to add ALv3 when it's released for 4-6 weeks or go on the testosterone recovery stack then do AH/AL to stay lean and tight for summer? I'll throw down the cash, just wanna get a pro's opinon on running a sufficient cycle and getting the results I'm looking for by mid May.


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