shdwmsk tries out some lecheek nutrition samples!

  1. shdwmsk tries out some lecheek nutrition samples!

    Ok. to start out with because of my obvious low post count, no one here knows me. So some small amount of background on me.
    Been lifting since about 2003 started at 135 lbs soaking wet at 5 foot 9.... skinny little bastard! my heaviest was 215 lbs 2 years ago , with bf in the low teens. Now i am 214 and bf mid 20's.... had to take the last 2 years off of lifting because of a job that I was required to travel the country (clutch guy on an NHRA prostocker). Done with that and now hitting the gym HARD! Now a full time student going for my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

    Main lifts:
    Bench, now, 275x3 (pr.. 345x1)
    Squat, now, 330x5 (pr.. 420'sx3)
    Deads, same as squat, now and pr's
    Current supps, Jak3d, scivation xtend (watermelon) on whey vanilla protein and my staples, vit C, DHA and fishy oils

    Now that that is out of the way,
    First ill start with the Speed xtreme.
    Smell.. Fantastic!!! this stuff smelled GOOD!! made me excited just opening the package (you laugh,i like to smell my stuff haha)
    Taste.. Not gonna lie. not my favorite. But not bad (like Noshotgun 1st edition you know the "green aple")way too much of a suggary after taste for me. like drinking a kool-aid concentrate.
    Effects.. I am normally a very fast absorber on my preworkouts. for example I take a scoop of jak3d, right as i get to the gym and im good to go by the time I get to the weights. (5 min?) So to keep it the same as i do everyday, i did the same. I didnt feel anything for the full 30 min that it says on the package (jak3d is the same recomended time frame btw). when i did get any "rush" of BA tingles, they were not as much as i get from 1 scoop of jak3d. that could be to the doses.
    Speed xtreem, 1 scoop is equal to 3.2 grams with full amount being their Speed xtreem Blend and not sure why but it doesnt look like there is room for the other ingredients in a full scoop, maybe im missing something. Jak3d is 1 scoop, 5.55 grams and their "proprietary" blend is 4,145mg's (they dont say what the other 1,405 mg's of other ingredients ratios are).
    Post workout dump.. (Yes this importent for me and i wish others would do this.) All good! didnt get the DQ spuirts like i did on NoExplode or SuperPump.

    OVER ALL id say a 7-8 out of 10. drawbacks were the taste and the dosing. Taste was not a horrible hit in my book. no one says PWO's have to taste good, just work! (this is why i put 7-8, depends on how big a factor taste is to you). Now the dosing is where it lost the most points. Is it bad that I am judging this off of Jack3d? I dont think so as I was concidering them equals as both have 1,3 Dimethal and other same ingredients, but I didnt get the same "goodness" as i do with Jack3d.

    Now for the IntraTest xtreme:
    Smell.. Damn good!!
    Taste.. Lets just say that if i had a tub of this at my house, I would make this instead of kool-aid! I got angry when i ran out and when i refilled my bottle with water, it just wasnt the same...... just wasnt the same..... I think i cried a little.... true story!
    Effects.. I can only judge this off of what else i have taken and that is the scivation xtend (watermelon). Dosing was the same between both of them and time frame was the same (half my waterbottle before i work out and refill and sip on the rest during the workout). Scivation is a 2:1:1 and I do not know what the IntraTest is (my pamphlet doesnt say, or I dont see it. I would like to know!) It was as good if not BETTER then the scivation! All I can really say anymore about this is that I will be looking to buy some of this when i run out of my scivation! I did heavy upperbody and was not sore the next day. my legs latter on that week... different story!
    Note.. Yes I did know that this has a "Testosterone Blend" in it and Scivation does not, but they are as close as I was able to find, but as you can see I like the lecheek better. Was it the "blend" that made it better? I honestly can not say. But the TASTE!!!!!.... DAMN GOOD!!!!

    OVER ALL...SOLID 10 out of 10!!!! I WILL be buying this next! Nuf said!

    So that ends my review of the lecheek samples. I did not use the OxyECA sample that I also received because I am not trying to lose weight, and i like my appatite.
    If you happen to read all of that and see some ways I can imrpove my review, please feel free to coment!
    Thanks fo reading!

  2. Very good detail...

    I beat Marms here.... Lol
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
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