Activate extreme + Triazole 10 week.

  1. Activate extreme + Triazole 10 week.

    Hi, new on these forums but wanted to post my progress and ask a few questions on my stack.

    Decided to try a stack, and shotgunned on activate extreme and triazole. Also had heard things about DAA so might as well give that a shot as well. I have been seeing odd strength gains, that for some reason just seems too much from what I have read, too quickly in certain parts of my body, and also a large gain in overall size, and what seems in the mirror to be a loss in fat. I'm not complaining!. Pre doing this stack, all I have ever took was a Canadian brand whey shake, with included bcca's.

    Onto what im taking, and my workout schedule. I have flow charts but might as well just type it out here.

    A. Multivitamin
    B. Activate extreme
    C. Triazole
    D. DAA
    E. Whey+Bccas

    1. 7:40am Morning 2 activate extreme + 2 triazole.
    2. Breakfast 30min after
    2. Whey shake afternoon + lunch
    3. Mid after 2 activate extreme + 2 triazole
    4. Dinner.
    5. Whey shake after workout.
    6. Night snack. (Full meal usually)
    7. Protein shake before bed + Multivitamin

    I am following the 10 week plan, with taking first 2 weeks not on triazole, and taking a 2 week break from activate extreme. Then putting DAA on the last 4 weeks.

    My workout schedule is simple, and I follow a Power Bodybuilding program, that I modified to how I like it. My heavy days are usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with support muscles in between.

    Chest:B - Flat dumbell or barbell 4x8.
    B - Pec deck 3x8
    P - (Incline, decline, flat bench) Alternate weekly, 5x3. With warmup sets moving 2 reps on each moving up 20pounds till required weight is reached
    B - Chest flys, flat and incline, 3x8 respectively.

    Back: P - Dead lifts following same routine as chest. No straps of supports.
    B - Bent over barbell rows 3x8
    B - One arm dumbbell rows 3x8 each arm
    B - Wide grip bar pull downs 3x8 or Seated rows 3x8 (alternate each week)

    Legs: P - Squats, full past 90 degrees into hole. Same as other two power workouts, warming up with light weight, and moving up to desired weight and do 5x3
    B - Leg press sled 3x8
    B - leg extensions 3x8

    My shoulder, tris, abs, grip strength are on the days in between, and vary every 2-3 weeks.

    (*B = Bodybuilding movement, *P Is the power lifting movement.)

    I am currently on my 6th week, just getting back on activateX tomorrow. So far as for side effects, and feeling different, I haven't noticed much of a difference. I have felt on some days more alert and easier to wake up in morning. Sometimes weird dreams, but could be just me. As far as sex-drive, and all that, I was extremely active before, and still am, so not much difference I do not think.

    Now onto the positives and there are many.

    - Recovery time between days, has been amazing, no more soreness, or sluggishness after a workout and days off.
    - While working out, I am always ready to kill the weight.
    - Leaving the gym, always in a great mood, and always happy since new PR are almost always set.
    - Same weights always feel lighter next time I get in, and always moving up each workout, keeping to good form.
    - Large gains in muscles and strength which I must relate to activateX or triazole. Simply too much to be just me.

    Some key numbers from pre and half way point which is around now.

    Weight before: 201 at 6'
    Weight now: 225 at 6' (More definition, and pump, +veins more visible)
    Bench press before: 195x8 or max of 265x1.
    Bench press now: 245x8, max at 355x2. (Better form with more weight as well)

    Both Squats and dead lifts are up 100 pounds +, but cant remember the original. (Better form as well).

    I am using my overall bench press stats as a tracker of this cycle, but all lifts have gone up similar to the amount it has. My goal for the cycle was to hit 225x8 bench, but it has now been met with ease.

    New goal post stack:

    Bench: 275x8
    Weight: 240

    Please note: I change eating schedule to fit my day, as I am at university, and my workouts change often as well. If I ever feel a muscle area is weak, I will focus on it in the next workouts and do movements for it.

    Overall I have to give it a 10/10 so far.

  2. Have I read the above completely wrong or are you saying that after 6 weeks of Activate Xtreme and Triazole you have put on 25lbs and have more definition?

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