I had been wanting to try White Flood for a while so when I found it on sale I HAD to get it; 100 servings for $26!!!! I was hesitant because it was the Electric Lemonade flavor and I am NOT a fan of lemon anything. First couple of days I forced it down, but overall it has been a decent product to drink even though I do not like lemon flavor.

The stim complex was not overwhelming but a slight surge, I wanted to get to the gym to get to work. Unfortunately, sometimes I got to the gym later than I planned but I still had great workouts with plenty of energy. One time I did forget that I had started taking AT-2 and took White Flood AND AT2 and I was stimmed out, sweaty hands so I had a difficult deadlift session. Since then I have spaced out the dosing of the stim products and things have gone better.

I have been adding to my White Flood for a nice well-rounded preworkout: di-creatine malate, DAA, agmatine.

Focus: 9/10 I was ready to and hit it the gym, really felt a strong focus on the drive to the gym . . . envisioning my workout. Increased that alpha male feeling

Energy: 10/10 I never got anxious nor crashed but had good energy for quit a long time.

Pump: 6/10 didnt get a great pump until I added in the agmatine the last couple of days, def feel a difference

Flavor: 10/10 No, I do not like lemon, so if I was able to drink this comfortably then most others will really like. Since I was able to drink without gagging and actually come to enjoy drink White Flood I must give it a 10