Lecheek nutrition review

  1. Lecheek nutrition review

    My review of lecheeks 3 free samples.
    Oxy eca: took about an hour to kick in. Got good energy from it and it also raised my body temp. I felt warmer and I was sweating more than usual .
    Speed x: added extra energy to get through your workout and made my face tingle. Mixed nicely wasn't chunky and it tasted wicked good . Made my muscles look and feel fuller. Also gave good pumps
    Intratest: drank during my workout didn't mix well, white chunks. I found out if u let it sit for like 5 min and shake again no more white chunks. Taste was ok not as good as speed x. didnt realy notice much cuz after my workout I just go home and sleep .
    Overall I think these 3 are a good stack option for someone who wants to stay natty. Just be aware of the time u take these cuz I could barley sleep. slept for 4 hours and then couldn't sleep . Having to work 12 shifts suck when u can't get at least 6-8 hours sleep.
    I liked it plain and simple. It's some good stuff.

  2. Thanks fo the review
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