Golden Feast Final Review (sponsored)

  1. Golden Feast Final Review (sponsored)

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    This is my final review of the above log.

    9/10- Mixability- Mixes pretty good. This is a pretty bulky powedery mix and does have a little bit of foam, however it only takes about 20-30 sec of shaking to get it fully mixed.

    10/10- Taste- This is deffinitly where this product stands out. Taste pretty similiar to XF lemon cream pie accept a little chunkier. Better tasting than gold gains.

    10/10- Profile- Great profile! It has 4-5 servings of fruits and vegatables, healthy fats, enough protein to hold you over til you can eat a whole meal. Also perfect to a total meal preplacement.

    10/10-Performance: It took about a week and half but after taking after every workout, but I deffinilty began to notice a difference in my recovery. Also felt like I had a little more energy throughout the day.

    Golden Feast is really a top notch product. I would reccomend this suplement for anyone looking for a post workout shake or a quick meal replacement. I would often drink this stuff for breakfast as I would always on the go in the am. Thanks again to CL for the awsome opportunity and have already put my order in for a couple more tubs. Thanks

  2. great review pigpen...feast has replaced golden gains as my staple meal replacement, good stuff!!!

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    great review pigpen...feast has replaced golden gains as my staple meal replacement, good stuff!!!
    Same here.

    Great review pp, thanks so much

  4. You welcome and anytime

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