I ran Neogenix BodyForge for this last month, max dosing at 2 scoops twice a day. One preworkout and one 6 hours laters.

Mixability -8.0 only cause its hard to get everything to dissolve quickly and i'm impatient but it dissolved well enough for me to chug it.
Flavor - 9.0 its only a 9 cause i'm not a huge fan of lemonade but its not over powering so its not bad there.
Drive/Focus - I didn't know much of it but i've heard people give it solid reviews for it there i can't give it a number cause honestly i never look for this when i take a nonstim preworkout
Strength/endurance - 10.0 It helped me push through upping my reps to at least 10, 10, 8 so my muscle endurance has kept steady gains. Also my endurance in general has stayed up i believe the adequate dosing of CM and COP is the reason for this.

Overall Impressions - I'd give it a 9.0 if your basing it as your nonstim preworkout base. Its versatile enough to stack with a stim product or take it on its own. I'd love to try it with Hemavol myself. But this product is amazing like i thought before i took it, the profile is dosed well and i'd recommended it to anyone looking for a great product that will give you muscle fullness, endurance if used properly and strength.