VidaTest 12 week Review

  1. VidaTest 12 week Review

    I dosed it at 3 caps a day. With an occasional 4 caps a day, 1 in between a session. The one thing I really like about it was the mental clarity it gave me, I was able to relax a little more in public and deal with stress more efficiently no doubt. Stuff gave me a POOP LOAD OF ENERGY, everytime I woke up feeling a little sluggish, I would pop three and bam was ready to get shiet done. Stuff gave me some extra endurance, and some strength gain in overall performance. I notice that I became a tad more muscular while on it. Libido was slightly elevated but that department is always freaky strong. This product definitely increased my hunger and metabolism, anytime I took it, within 30 minutes I was hungry lol. I do plan on continuing to buy this supp since it has the most active Primavie than any other product with the exception of BV3(same amount) but at insanely low price. I give this supp a 10/10
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  2. Thanks Andrew!

  3. no prob
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