Lecheek Speed Xtreme/Intra review

  1. Lecheek Speed Xtreme/Intra review

    Lemme first thank Lecheek for sendin me samples of there products that i have been dying to try.

    Speed Xtreme: i requested the rasp lemon since i luv raspberry anything.

    Taste: so i pour this into my shaker cup and before i poured the water in, i took a quick wif to see what it smelled like. it didnt smell too great so i was thinkin the flavor wouldbt that good...but boy was i freakin wrong!!!!!!! i took a quick sip before i chugged it and omg, i thought i was drinkin some expensive foreign lemonade. it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! if they honestly sent me extra samples, i would mixed another and chugged em all 10/10

    Focus: they did it right over here. all i thought about was pickin up the weight after each set and just keep goin. usually i end up havin small convo's with people but i basically told em to fu** off, im in my fu**in zone!!!!! it has just set after after set with little breaks in between. 10/10

    Pump: one of the most things i look for in a pre and this had it. it was just the right amount of pump, enough to hav the muscles nice and tight but not too much where they cramp up like crazy. veins were poppin out nicely and stickin out for a good hour after workout. 10/10

    Energy: kicked in right after 15min of taking it. im drivin to the gym and couldt freakin wait to get in their. right when i parked the car i couldnt wait and just ran to the weights. energy was their throughtout the whole workout and it wasnt a jittery feeling at all, like a fresh kick in the ass feeling to keep going and not stop. 10/10

    Overall: im just gonna say this, i just bought an 80 serving tub without thinking about it.


    since i had a great workout without needing this with Speed Xtreme, i saved this for the next day with my muscle marinade. took it right in the middle of workout.

    Review: After tryin Speed Xtreme, u'd think this would have an awesome taste as well......AND IT DOES!!!!!!! Lecheek seriously snapped with both of these products. they nailed these flavors. it was so hard to not chug it after the first taste its just so freakin delicious. and guess what, i did chug it 5 min after downing it, the biggest boost of energy kicked right after. it was like i just retook my preworkout and kicked in so quick. everyone needs to try both these products especially the people that cant bare the taste of any pre and postworkout drinks. 10/10 on both of these. you will not be disappointed!!!!!!
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  2. Nice review thanks.
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