AM/AH/AD 8 Week Unbiased Run

  1. AM/AH/AD 8 Week Unbiased Run

    I am going to be running this exact same log over on PP forum also. I just wanted to reach a more broad audience.

    What's going on everyone. I have been waiting to run this. I have 8 weeks of AM/AH/AD that I am going to run. I am running a 5 month periodization training program. I am starting the hypertrophy phase on monday. I am going to start my Androseries run on monday also. My diet is going to be a VERY clean bulk diet. I want to put on LBM but would love to see a drop in BF in the process. A bit about myself.

    Age: 25
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 218
    BF: 15%

    I have a very busy lifestyle. Right now I workout out mornings-early afternoon. I lift Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri, and rest Wed/Sat/Sun. My dose for my Androseries will go as follows.

    AndroDrive: 3 caps immediatly upon getting up.
    AndroHard: 3 caps Taken 1 Hour After AndroDrive
    AndroMass: 6 caps Taken With AndroHard.

    I am going to start off with this dosing, if a PP rep has any input on what they feel is better I am all ears. I am going to see how I respond, and possibly try to up the AH and AD as I move deeper into this.

    Other Supplements
    Protein Shake
    Fish Oil

    PCT I am going to run the Test Stack v2 with the addition of PhytoTest.

    I am going to Start this monday morning, so if anybody has questions/comments/or ideas on how I can improve the next 8 weeks, please let me know ASAP!!!

    Goal: 220 lbs @ 11% BF BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!

    I am going to be running this exact same log over on PP forum also. I just wanted to reach a more broad audience.

  2. Subbed kill it bro

  3. Thanks Man

  4. I am also going to be adding Toco-8 into the mix, taken daily at night before bed.

  5. In the firehouse tomorrow. Getting out monday morning, and then the mayhem begins. . .

    Very excited to get this rolling. More information on my diet, and lifting regimen to come.

  6. subed. I am on day 10 of (6 AM & 3 AB) /day. I hope you have a good run.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by darkwing View Post
    subed. I am on day 10 of (6 AM & 3 AB) /day. I hope you have a good run.
    Thanks man, I love the feeling before you start, the excitement builds up pretty good.

  8. Looks awesome can't wait to see the results!!!

  9. looks good man. im on AM right now...week 4 going to run for 8 weeks
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  10. in for updates!

  11. Just took the first dose at 0915. 3 AndroDrive, 3 AndroHard, 6 AndroMass, I took all of this on an empty stomach with water. It is now 0930 and I have no nausea, or any complaints currently. Going to eat in another 15. Will post then to let everyone know if anything is present. The only reason I am doing this is because it is the first dose, and I have read people encountering nausea, burping, or other issues. So I want a 'play by play' if you will.

  12. DAY 1 UPDATE

    Just got done in the gym today. First off let me say, that I had no negative effects such as burping, gas, nausea, headache etc from my first dose. With that being said today I did chest and bi's. I had a great workout. But I have been having fantastic workouts on my new training program, and the new diet is getting things kicked up a notch also.

    I do not have anything to report back with today as far as the AndroSeries. I was exhausted this morning coming out of the firehouse after working a 24, but I was not tired in the gym. I am also feeling nice and awake now. I am not a coffee drinker so my body operates well on getting itself up and going though lol. I do not think that this energy is from the AndroDrive, it is nothing but feeling awake. No added focus or anything else. Feeling good so far.

    From what I have read I am thinking I will start to notice the effects of the AndroDrive between days 3-5 and the effects of the AndroHard & AndroMass between 2-3. Being realistic, nothing happens overnight!

  13. Will update tomorrow after morning dose.

  14. Calling this off for couple weeks. Have to go out of the area last minute for a bit. Sorry everyone. March 4th the NEW official start. Will give me some more time to get the diet perfect, and new start numbers and maybe before pictures...maybe.


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