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  1. No not yet
    Team Orbit

  2. Sitting here doing 1 hour cardio

    I had a killer workout Friday and I had a pump they DID last into Saturday . I also took 3 caplets Saturday split . I am paying the price today for the killer workout as I have slightly re injured my shoulder yet again . Do looks like I will be doing a lot of light reps till I get that back under control . Last time it took 5 months to get under control but I waited to long and let it get to bad . This time I am going to discipline my self and back the f off
    Team Orbit

  3. Last couple of days have been nice . No issues with the stomach at all and workouts have been nice.
    Now at this point I can only rate this product a 3. Out of 5 as it has been a hit or miss so far. For me. Would rather use the white flood as I get a much better pump and don't mind the stims . I feel that the white flood is a much more thought out product with plenty of great feed back with mine included . I will continue to keep using this product but at this point I wod not be buying it . I did crush up 2 caplets pre work out the other day and I will have to upload the pics . It was brown inside and I can see why they made caplets out of it because the insides taste like sh!t lol
    Team Orbit

  4. you will figure it out!!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    you will figure it out!!!!
    LOL I walways do.
    Team Orbit

  6. Just got done doing cardio and I have to say my right leg looks like a road map lol . Now I did not get a crazy pump but yet just vascularity . This could be part wb2 and me just leaning out . Or a little of both but it is nice to see. I might try and up the dose for my arm day / shoulder day . In hopes to see that mind blowing pump that I keep chasing .

    I will try to get some carbs in before . Buy at this point I am trying to keep carbs to a min .

    Will update ASAP
    Team Orbit

  7. Well I didn't end up taking more than 3 at a time as I knew better . I took 3 and felt so bad I stopped my workout . Not liking this at all . I do get nice vascularity from the product but nothing much in the pump dpt . I have had 1 maybe 2 workouts where I felt good and pumps were nice and full . And 1 day where it was comparable to white flood . But for the most part I am really disappointed . Not sure what the he'll it is that is making me feel like shot but I can't deal with this . I would rather just take a product that was tried and true . And for that I will offer up the rest of my bottle to another user .

    I have tried many many pump products and I can tell you first hand I will not be buying this product nor can I recommend it for anyone else . I am not bashing controlled labs at all as I do like their am and pm as well as white flood . I am not a fan of purple wrath and green mag either . But I do want to thank the reps for choosing MW to run a log . I want to thank controlled labs as well and wish them the best of luck with their new product .

    My over all rating for this product is 3 our of 5 stars due to the fact I did see nice vascularity when not feeling sick to my stomach.
    Team Orbit

  8. Such a shame.
    This product is not what I expected it to be at all...
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  9. I know I had high hopes as well knowing how good white flood is I was excited to try this and really wanted it to work out right
    Team Orbit


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