Beefy: OEP and AT-2 stack

  1. Beefy: OEP and AT-2 stack

    Alright, well so ya'll know this is my first log and I'm not quite sure where this is going to head... but i've read a couple logs and I've been severely interested in talking about how i'm doing, and looking for tips if you guys have any.

    Some background information would be nice right? My name's Jay and i live in northeast pennsylvania. I'm currently 21 years old, and go to college in the poconos. In high school i used to play football for 3 years until senior year where i quit with the intention of having some fun and partying with friends. I went from a comfortable 280-321 in the past 4.5 years. I woke up last month, Decemeber 28th 2011, with the feeling like crap, fat and thoughts about how bad i look. A couple of the hardballs i have to go through right now are: not being active for 4.5 years, getting complacent with college life (going out at least 3 times a week), and even just being 21 for only six months. These past four years in college all I've wanted to do was start working out consistently and start losing weight, but the motivation was lacking. Last semester i joined a fraternity, and meeting all these girls and new friends... i just felt like i don't belong unless i'm okay with the way i look. I do not lack self confidence, i lack the looks i want that to me would produce even more self confidence.

    So with this mindset in mind, i worked with one of my fraternity brothers to devise a plan, and started it slowly recently. Before school got back in session 3 weeks ago... i started going to the gym 4 days a week, rotating muscle groups and lifting, and doing at least 40 minutes of cardio per workout. The first two weeks of school (this is the third week), i was only able to lose 1lb, and then gain 2lb. With this i decided to look at my diet. First of all beer. Being in a fraternity, my love for Beer is not surprising. I realized i was having beer at least 5 times a week, and that was not going to cut it for weight loss. It wouldn't really matter what i did if all i did was workout four times a week and binge drink at least 3 times a week (usually drinking 5 times a week).

    So the Super Bowl was this past sunday, and it was the last week i pledged to eat like a slob, and last week i pledged to drink like a slob, or at all. This past monday started my OEP (Oxy Elite Pro) stack. My plan is Monday thru Friday to go to the gym before classes, usually around 7 in the morning. My plan is to start out just doing an hour of cardio, and then adding some toning style lifting for at least a half hour around week 3. I WILL UPDATE MY DIET ON A FOLLOWING POST.

    Monday: Day 1- i woke up at 630am ready to go. I took my Animal Pak (regular) vitamins, and OEP (1 tablet to start out). I got to the gym, did a half mile warmup on the track, rotating between walking and jogging laps for 4 total laps. By this time i was sweating beyond belief already. Afterwards i got onto the elliptical for a whopping 40 mins! 40 minutes without looking at the clock. This workout gassed me, and i finished with another half mile of walking on the track to cool down. As normal, before lunch around 2pm, i took one more tablet of OEP. This gave me lasting energy for the rest of the day plus a suppressed hunger.

    Tuesday: Day 2- i woke up again at 630am, and while sluggish i was ready to tackle the longest day of my week when looking at schoolwork and classes. I upped my OEP dose to 2 in the morning and noticed an immediate rush of energy and focus. I started again with a half mile of warmup on the track, but this time i jogged 2 laps in a row, with walking 2 laps. I once again stepped onto the elliptical (loving the machine) and upped my cardio on there to an hour. The workout was great, and once again before lunch at 2pm, i took one more OEP tablet and that was enough to get me through my long day of classes

    ***next post will include wednesday (Day 3) and my planned diet.***

  2. subbed, good luck bro
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  3. Subbed. Good luck and good for you for getting yourself back in shape! It's tough especially in the beginning but keep it up and it will pay off bro

  4. So day 3 (today) has come and gone. Today was the hardest day to wake up early. Not including the fact that i had a late night last night due to my fraternity meeting going till 1130, and then girl troubles (just not worth it sometimes, god damn)... i ended up getting only 6 hours of sleep. To some that is an eternity. To me, thats definitely a deficit... i seem to work best with either less than 5 hours or more then 10.... nowhere in between.

    Today i noticed the increase in my stamina for cardio. I have always personally hated running, walking, or anything other than a bike. Then i met my good friend Elly-ptical. Another hour of cardio today, on the weight loss setting, screwing around with the incline, and the resistance consistently to not let my body get complacent with the same routine. I however noticed that throughout my entire workout today, i was sweating a ridiculous amount. Sweat was literally pouring off me (brace yourself!)....I honestly probably could've filled an entire bucket with my sweat. It was ridiculous.

    On the funnier side, my pre-workout 1-MR spilled all over my back, and with my shower towel damp from the day before... soaked the 1-MR and i got a gel of pre workout throughout my entire bag.... so ended up cleaning it for a good half hour before i left for gym.

    So i did promise to talk about my diet, and if anyone has any recommendations... i'd welcome it with open arms. Generally, i'm not counting calories. While on OEP my hunger is reduced greatly, and when my AT-2 comes in (hopefully within a couple days) the effects should be even greater. Usually for breakfast i try to get some eggs into my stomach... usually scrambled, but sometimes i get an egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin (the healthiest bread they offer for morning breakfast sandwiches). Throughout the day i focus on drinking either water, or unsweetended iced tea or hot tea. No soda (except for a little flavor when i go out, so i don't get in the mood for beer), no juice, and milk on rare occasions when i can get some (a.k.a. not pay 5 dollars for 8 ounces). Lunch usually consists of a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (no cheese, ranch dressing and substitute baked chicken instead of fried chicken). For dinner, this varies, and is usually my highest calorie intake of the day. So far I've gone from salad and buffalo chicken wrap.... to a smart ones frozen meal... to today's 10 wings when i went out for dinner. Usually my calories are estimated to be around 1500-2000 calories a day.

    So now that i've caught up anyone who will actually read this, if ya'll got opinions feel free to share... and let's get this party started.

  5. Interested to see how your do man.
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  6. looks like your off to a good start

  7. End of Day 4 is here, and today was harder then yesterday to wake up. Today was just ****ed up due to having a girl stay over for the night, kind of didn't want to get out of bed and stay on the grind. I did manage however, to get up, get to the gym and get my hour of cardio in for the day. From there on breakfast was a 3 egg and pepper jack cheese sandwich on an english muffin.

    My lunch consisted of a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (wheat, no cheese, no ranch, baked chicken) and a 8 piece California Roll Sushi from our dining area at school.

    My dinner, which i just finished eating, the last of my meals was a cheesteak with a total of maybe 4 or 5 fries eaten. this was probably my worst meal this entire week so far... and it felt satisfying to eat it.

    All in all, going strong, and going out tonight.. may enjoy A beer... or a diet coke (to get the carbonation feeling and flavor)... Looking forward to ending my first week on a strong note tomorrow morning.


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