5aOHP by Taurus Nutrition

  1. 5aOHP by Taurus Nutrition

    Ok, Just ordered some 5aOHP and am looking to pack on 5 solid pounds of musclein a bout a month. I did a ton of research and it looks like my cleanest option with the best gains. I'm not looking to get a case a gyno again so this is why I chose Taurus. I wanted to know from the pro's if i need to stack this with anything else for 1. more lean gains and 2. to keep my body side effect free? I read that there is no reason to take a PCT product but safer is better for me.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. 5aOHP is a great cutter/recomp PH and although it is pretty much side free, it is still a PH and a PCT is recommended! You should only need a mild PCT such as our DAA-HCG and Subres or even an all in one like PCT REVOLUTION BLACK.
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  3. What Luke said. I agree totally, you dont really want to mess with your body too much so better safe than sorry.


  4. Thanks guys!! Just want to make sure I do it right this time around. Since the Wyked has DAA-HCG in it can I just use that as my pre-workout or should i take it as a stand alone product as well?

  5. I'd stack it with M1P, I think they'd go together well for lean gains. Really enjoyed my cycle of M1P, log is in my signature. Final review is on page 14, post 266.

    Any questions feel free to PM.



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