Craze Review

  1. Craze Review

    **added cliff note review in second post if you don't want to read this **
    Usually hate reviews after one serving of a product, but given this is a stim and I felt a definite impact I decided to go against my normal stance on this. I decided to make this pretty detailed as some people have noted problems with Craze based on diet or other supplements and wanted to make sure my exact protocol was shown.

    Intro on me:

    Keeping it brief, I train more for performance more so than size (more sport oriented as opposed to a typical bodybuilding routine). My supplement usage over the past year or so has been very basic, with limited product usage. My current training program is more bodybuilding oriented than normal and therefore I decided to give Craze a try, although I was skeptical due to my stance of hardly every using stimulants (I train mostly with Ultima pre-workout and Posiedon when I cycle off creatine).

    Supplement and Diet Schedule:

    8:00 AM- 300mg Allmax Nutrition R-ala, 1 scoop Nimbus Nutrition Poseidon, and .5 grams Primaforce Agmatine
    8:15 AM- Oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken Sausage, and a Bagel (~750cals, roughly 50g P, 100g CHO, and 15g F)
    10:15 AM- 1 scoop Craze
    11:00 AM- Workout, drank 1 scoop Omega Sports Strive plus 5 grams additional BCAA (at 2:1:1 ratio)
    12:30 AM- 1.5 scoops Allmax Nutrition Isoflex Choc. PB

    For the purposes of this review I feel that this is all that is relevant in regards to what will interact with my Craze usage. I know some people report adverse reaction to Craze and Agmatine but I felt nothing detrimental (more on this next). In general my diet revolves around carbs intake being high pre-workout (which tends to be my breakfast) and post workout, with the rest of my meals being higher in fibrous carbs, fruits, healthy fats, and protein sources from whole foods.

    Noted Reaction to Craze and Benefits to my Workout:

    **Please take note this is only the initial review based off of ONE workout and ONE serving**

    Mixed 1 scoop Craze in a small glass of water. Mixed with no clumps after just a few swirls of a spoon. I HATE artificial grape flavored drinks of any kind so I planned to just chug Craze, but honestly it didn't even taste bad so I have no idea where all the bad taste reviews come from (I've never had a problem even with original Ultima and Clout..). Within the first 10-15 minutes I began to feel an increase in mental attention and mood (I have used quite a few PEA products and my mood always boosts with properly dosed products).

    Focus/Mind Muscle Connection:
    After 45 minutes I started my lift and could definitely tell this would be a great workout. I was insanely dialed in and this may have been the most focused I have gotten from 1 serving of a product. While this wasn't the best/most focused I have ever been, this was very similar to a well timed dose of Ultima + a slight stim kick.

    This might be skewed due to Agmatine dosing in the morning, but I noticed no negative interactions between the two during my workout. I also just started GVT this week, as opposed to my normal low rep, high weight workouts. This additional volume and higher rep scheme plus Agmatine had me insanely pumped. Therefore I cannot accurately determine Craze's effect on pump (but I did not buy Craze for pump and do not really care if it had no benefit). With that said I normally do not have very good endurance to last for a ton of sets at high volume, but today I kept plugging away. This was aided in part by the Agmatine, but I really felt a ton of it was my mental clarity allowing me to envision the weights moving and allowing me to push on.

    Although it was only one workout I believe Craze works. It is very hard for me to give precise quantitative data to support this, but the mood and mental feeling I have (still feel it as I type this)is very apparent to me. I will look to bump up the dosage by only 1/4 of a scoop tomorrow, but likely will hold off writing more of the review until this month is over to give my full review.

    **I will edit this post later to report of any crash or sleep disturbances tonight**

  2. Extreme Cliffs for those who hate reading:
    -I never train with stims and usually only use Ultima Pre-workout (trained with Ultima+Strive exclusively for last month).
    -Dropped Ultima for now and added a scoop of Craze 45 minutes pre-workout and ~two hours after last meal.
    -Crazy mind muscle connection and endurance on a high volume workout, which is what I usually struggle the most at.
    -Felt like Ultima plus mild stimulant.
    -Definitely very impressive from the acute benefits I noticed, will post additional reviews at 2-week and 4 week mark of Craze usage.

    Great stuff so far hopefully benefits continue and any questions are welcome

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