MidwestBeast's Protein Wars (Tons of Protein Reviews)

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    MidwestBeast's Protein Wars (Tons of Protein Reviews)

    I figured this might be of use for some of those out there who don't just stick with one protein or are still shopping around for the perfect one. I've used a lot of different brands, blends and flavors over the years (protein is the first thing I allowed myself to start supplementing with in college, aside from my old trusty Centrum multi-vitamin, haha).

    I'll periodically try to get in here and add thoughts where I can, but I'll ultimately use Post #2 to keep all the brief reviews tallied up (though they'll show up and possibly in more detail as I have a chance to write about them).
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    Reserved for running list/reviews of all proteins


    Whey 2 Build Muscle
    - Chocolate Peanut Butter
    - Rocky Road
    - Espresso
    - Vanilla Bean
    - Cinnamon Bun
    - Ice Cream Sandwich

    Muscle Replenisher
    - Lemonade
    - Orange
    - Mixed Berry



    - Frosted Cinnamon Bun
    - Juicy Watermelon Splash
    - Frosty Milk Chocolate
    - Chocolate Graham Cracker
    - Vanilla Cake Batter


    Multi-Pro Whey Isolate
    - Belgian Chocolate
    - Mocha
    - Berry
    - Vanilla

    Ultimate Nutrition:

    Iso-Sensation 93
    - Cookies & Cream

    Universal Nutrition:

    Ultra-Whey Pro
    - Vanilla

    Six Star:

    - Vanilla
    - Chocolate

    Optimum Nutriiton:

    Pro Complex
    - Rocky Road
    - Milk Chocolate

    100% Whey Gold Standard
    - French Vanilla Creme

    100% Casein
    - Vanilla

    100% Natural Casein
    - French Vanilla

    Egg Protein
    - Chocolate

    Tru Nutrition Sciences:

    - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
    - Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
    - Vanilla
    - Chocolate Covered Banana

    - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

    - Vanilla

    Pure Protein:

    - Banana
    - Vanilla


    - Cookies and Cream

    Muscle Gauge Nutrition:

    American Iso
    - Rocky Road

    Nature's Best:

    Isopure RTD:
    - Alpine Punch
    - Apple Melon

    Isopure MRP:
    - Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
    - Creamy Vanilla
    - Dutch Chocolate
    - Orange Creamsickle
    - Strawberries and Cream

    Isopure Zero-Carb
    - Strawberries and Cream

    *This will constantly be updated as I remember other products that I've used or as I use new products/flavors*
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    My current favorite:

    Brand: Need To Build Muscle (NTBM)

    Product: Whey 2 Build Muscle (5lb)

    Flavor: Rocky Road

    Product info: http://**********************/store/P...uscle-p30.html

    The details: W2BM is a pretty standard protein (whey isolate/concentrate blend). I opt for pure isolate post workout, but I like using this for MRPs and as a quick snack when I need to / can't get to whole food sources. The mixability is great; no garbage floating around and no chunks. The flavor tastes dead on to this chocolate marshmallow ice cream that my mom used to get when I was younger from Hy-Vee (regional grocery store chain). I don't measure out the water, but I just eyeball it and I usually have 3 scoops of W2BM with about a half shaker cup full of cold water. It tastes phenomenal in water (I rarely mix anything with milk anymore, but you could to slow digestion, as well as add ground oats or some form of healthy fats).

    This passed up a longtime favorite in the taste department (I'll get to that in a bit). It also tastes comparable to another protein (which I'll also cover), but not as sweet (the other is too sweet in a bad way). This is my go to for a nice snack and for when I'm on the run. It also serves as my usual breakfast with 2 tbsp of psyllium husk fiber, since I have to wait an hour to eat in the mornings due to thyroid meds. It's easy to down once I get to the office.

    I highly recommend this flavor and if for any reason I wasn't a part of NTBM, I'd still buy this protein, because I like it that much.

    Ranking: 10/10
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    Brand: NutraPlanet

    Product: NutraPro (5lb)

    Flavor: Frosted Cinnamon Bun

    Product info: http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/n....html?sel=3213

    The details: I've used NutraPro off and on ever since it was released. This is the most recent flavor I've tried and I picked it up during the NYE sales when it was under $30. I heard people raving about this flavor, so I actually nabbed 3 tubs of it. I'm not overly impressed with the taste. It's not bad by any means, but it's kind of week. Now don't get me wrong, it's a fine line of walking between too strong and too weak. If it's got the nutrients/ingredients I want, I'll drink it no matter what it costs. To be honest, I usually slam my protein shakes, anyway. The mixability of this is top notch. It is one of the best-mixing proteins I've used. Would/will I buy it again? I'll always pick up NutraPro as long as it's competitive in the pricing, but I'll probably hop around on the flavors, again. Like I said, it's a good flavor, but there's something about it that feels a bit empty. It's hard to describe, but that's the one thing that keeps this from being an amazing choice for me.

    Ranking: 8/10
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  5. Great idea lol i don't think i ever stay with the same protein myself.



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