My craze review

  1. My craze review

    Well boys I gotta say I'm a lil disappointed. The taste was fine, it mixed fine, and it did give me ok energy. The disappointment comes from all the other reviews saying it was in a class of it's own and this type stuff. Having said that, theres nothing wrong with this product at all just maybe my expectations were too high. Also I took one scoop today and maybe that is not my sweet spot. Next workout I'll try 1.5 and let you guys know how it goes.

  2. keep toying with it. shame if it doesnt work out for ya. I'll take the tub off ya hands though if ya want (obviously I'd pay for it).

  3. Haha yeah I hear ya I want it to be awesome trust me

  4. I did notice you're about 200lbs (I weigh 193 myself). I take two scoops normally but I'm a bit of a stim junkie.

  5. 1.5 scoops worked perfect for me. One scoop didn't really do much. Although at 1.5 scoops at 3 pm keeps me up at night. Thank goodness for melatonin and benedryl hahaha

  6. Lol yeah unfortunately I'm a stim junkie as well so hopefully 1.5 does me right


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