1. Flashover

    Great product, especially for the price. I had great focus throughout my workout and good energy too. It worked for my whole workout and I had no crash.

  2. flashover is awesome, excellent stupendous. i have a tub of jack3d but used my samples of flashover first and now im like mannnn i shouldve got the flash. its 19.99 right now at nutra hope it stays that price for a while.

  3. I love Flashover too. Nutraplanet often has sales for it. Sometimes its down to around $14.95 a tub. Great deals.

  4. yeah today i went with jack3d (used up the flash) and cant complain, ive never ran jack3d so to me it was good, especially since ive taken such a large break from working out and supps... my muscle memory didnt fail me though , 3 days in feeling great. Picked up a chunk of fat in the worst places on my break so clean eating, back to routine with lighter weight till i get through the sore phase.

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