iForce Red Velvet Cake Protean

    hey I know im new here guys, but im a well known guy on bb.com and I wanted to post this review here for Vaughn. And for you guys to gt a head up on this stuff.. amazing.

    Thanks a ton to Vaughn for letting me be one of the first people to try this flavor out. Its not out yet and hoping it will be soon. For all those in attendance.. take notes

    I have a video review for this post, but I will be doing a traditional review. The sound in the video for some reason doesnt start until 49 sec. in.. but its the audio from the beginning of the video. So skip to 49 sec. and thats the audio from the beginning of the video

    Written review

    Im not doing /10 ratings, more and more im beginning to find them redundant and furthermore this is a protein product/

    Profile - This is pretty simple..4g of fat, 6.5 grams carbs and 20g protein. Fat content is average a little higher for saturated but no care. Carbs are normal as well being under the new myofusion probiotic and a bit over trutein. No complaints. Protein is 20g which is a bit low but again not a big deal. I like the profile.

    Appearance If you decided not to watch the video or couldnt get a good idea based off of it. It looks like what the batter of the cake would look like. Its a maroonish color and looks appetizing for sure.

    Texture - The texture with protean is awesome. Its not too think where its almost airy and filled with thickening agents which can in my opinion take away a bit from the taste. And its also not watery thin like some other products. Its not as thick as myofusion; however, its thicker than combat powder. This was, for me, a perfect texture, like I said not too thick and definitely not thin. Great balance.

    Taste - Lets be honest this is what you are all here to see.. what does this stuff taste like?? Well before I get into the flavor itself Ill say that this stuff once you open the lid has a great aroma (mirin' vocab brah?) seriously though if you were making a red velvet cake and were mixing up the batter this is what it would smell like. Also they sweetened this stuff pretty much perfectly. Its not a ton of sweetener that drowns the flavor but its not lacking where it takes away from the potential of the flavor. It keeps you wanting MOAR AND MOAR after every sip. If you could imagine a red velvet cake in liquid form.. then you got this. Its awesome. All the elements of a good RVC are in this shake. The chocolate part, the signature red velvet taste, and like I said the sweetness is on which gives you the icing flavor. You cant simplify this like you do trutein CR or XF CR.. TNS is more the dough, and XF is the icing. This stuff is both. Amazing

    Overall iForce took on a challenge that no other company has yet to do. Make a protein tasting like a red velvet cake. I believe they definitely succeeded. I personally love red velvet. I had 2 big cakes for my Grad party last summer and one of them.. the one I ate a ton of was the red velvet one. To recap this stuff has perfect texture not too thick, not too thin. The taste hit every aspect and the sweetness wasnt over powering or lacking. It looks great smells great and overall is definitely my new favorite protein. I am looking forward to its release. Anyone who were to have any doubts about the product.. don't. Its fantastic. So thanks again VaughnTrue and iForce for letting me be one of the first to geive this stuff a try, you guys nailed it!

    unfortunately I couldnt post my vid due to low post count. Check out the review on bb.com for the vid or look it up on youtube.

  2. GTFOH....lucky
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  3. Awesome review bud thanks! Protean tastes amazing!!

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  5. winning winning winning.
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  6. Thanks for the compliments on the review. I had a vid but i need moar posts.

  7. Im still obsessed with cupcake batter mixed with Greek yogurt. It's really does taste like your eating the batter out of the bowl after mixing up your cupcakes lol

  8. i freakin neeeeeeeddddd some!!!!!!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by phatmike0704
    i freakin neeeeeeeddddd some!!!!!!
    I need moarrr. Can't wait till its released.


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