MidwestBeast's Nimbus Poseidon NT (sample) Review

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    MidwestBeast's Nimbus Poseidon NT (sample) Review

    Thank you, Aaron and Tim for hooking me up with the samples (and t-shirt, which will hopefully be here, soon lol). We were initially under the impression that we would be running 8 days worth of Poseidon NT, but it's only 2. This is not a complaint, mind you, but just information that should be divulged in terms of what a user was anticipating.

    The past 2 nights, I have taken Poseidon NT. This is obviously not much time to make observations and even Tim pointed out that it was really too little time to notice much, if anything. I can comment on a few things, though. The flavors I sampled were Georgia Peach and Southern Cherry. The Peach was a very subtle taste. I mixed it with about 12 oz of water (it was recommended 12-20oz on the packet). It wasn't bad at all, but there wasn't much to taste, either. So, last night, I mixed the cherry with more like 6-8oz of water. It was a stronger taste, though still very subtle in comparison to most supplements. If I had to choose between the 2, I'd pick cherry, but it may have just been because it was more concentrated. The mixability of each was very good; nothing left sticking to the sides and I simply just put it in a shaker cup, gave it about 5 hard shakes and didn't even wait.

    The first night I took it, I stayed up about 4 hours past my normal bedtime and didn't set an alarm for the following morning. Last night, I went to bed about half an hour past my normal bedtime and had my alarm set for 6:45 AM. In both instances, I logged right around 8 hours of sleep. I may have been less tired after waking up each day, but it's really hard to say. I honestly don't know. The only thing I can say for certain is that both nights, I had zero dreams (or at least don't recall any). That is very weird for me, because I usually have a decent amount of dreams and most are pretty vivid. On top of that, when I take a sleep or GH related supplement, I usually end up with even more intense dreams. So that is very strange to me. I would venture to guess that it just somehow suppresses recollection of dreams, as I don't feel like trash, which would be indicative of missing sleep stages.

    So, unfortunately I can't say much more about this product. I can't recommend it, but I also wouldn't say not to buy it. I simply say: I don't know. I do know that before Nimbus even came back to the board as a sponsor that people raved about this product quite a bit, so I imagine it's something that a full run of would product significant results.
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  2. Thx for your honest feedback.
    Shirt should come soon....
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