Neogenix CryoShock, Velocity Shot: A rekindled love of 1,3

  1. Neogenix CryoShock, Velocity Shot: A rekindled love of 1,3

    would like to thank ddfox for sending me a sample of CryoShock, Velocity XT and a Velocity Shot. Will get down to the dirty work
    for those of you unaware here is the facts about Cryo Shock.

    right off the bat there's tons of goodies in this formula, no prop blend! Always good to know the amounts you're getting.

    Will say that the best shoulder workout was due to cryo shock. It was more than just a regular energy feel from it, it was more of a synergistic feeling, the ideal muscle/mind connection that everyone looks for. I did relatively moderate weight, yet for some reason the pump I was getting was ridiculous. I was in the zone, finished my shoulder routine and then headed out to Disneyland for the entire day. Usually I need a pick me up around 2-3pm, well not on cryoshock. I was honestly surprised with a consistent stream of moderate energy that kept me going. It honestly rekindled my interest in 1,3 and made me a total fan of cryoshock.

    I've had a few 1,3 pre's and haven't really been a fan, usually I find it overdosed, resulting in jitters and a horrible crash. **** is perfectly dosed in cryoshock. I love it

    as for taste, Tropical Berry Ice is amazing, delicious. Refreshing berry flavor, that's not overpowering, not too sweet.

    Velocity Shot

    Taste: the taste is like a bitter orange peel. While it is one of the better shots I’ve tasted, it still isnt something I would let sit on my tongue and enjoy the flavor.

    Energy: Solid clean energy, I drank the bottle on 3 different occasions. I'm a stim junkie at heart, and 1/3rd of this bottle woke me up in the morning, and gave me enough energy to do cardio and get a good sweat going.

    Overall: very impressed with the shot, more energy than 5 hour/SK/monster/redbull ones, but nothing that made me crash after a few hours. I've tried looking for some but can't find them anywhere

  2. Thanks for the review! Hopefully the Velocity shots start showing up at more retailers soon!

    I'm the same way with 1,3 dimeth --- if I keep it around 40-50mg it's PERFECT!

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