quick CRYOSHOCK review

  1. quick CRYOSHOCK review

    So today I received my CRYOSHOCK sample in the mail today. It was a two serving packet and I just dumped it in a water bottle. Downed it about 45 min before my workout.

    Taste was good. It was tropical Berry ice, but it reminded me of grape juice .. very sweet and, the aftertaste was like the Flintstone vitamins. Very pleasant. Went down smooth, and there was absolutely no grit or undissolved powder.

    I was expecting a hardcore cracked out feeling, as well as the tingles. 30min passed nothing ... I felt like sh1t and had a huge headache all day but after taking the prew/o I felt amazing. I get to the gym and decided to do bi/tri supersets for fun. The focus was insane. The energy is clean and steady. And Idk if it was placebo but my strength was frightening. Endurance was awesome and I barely needed any rest time. But.....

    After finishing up my last bi workout I got a call and had to go home. I was PISSED. I've never been so furious over an interrupted workout.! I was shaking! I felt like I was gonna lose it. I got home took care of some stuff and finished my workout at home. The rage fueled my workout to a new extreme.

    The pump is the best I've ever had. I LOOKED HUGE! veins everywhere ... I will def recommended this product to anyone. It is the absolute best I've ever tried!

    8/10 taste
    10/10 endurance
    10/10 strength
    9/10 energy
    10/10 pump

    I'd give CRYOSHOCK a 10/10 and no I don't rep for them lol.

  2. pretty solid review.thanks

  3. Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Great review!

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