Recomp Cycle w/ Transaderm, Trenazone, and PStanz

  1. Recomp Cycle w/ Transaderm, Trenazone, and PStanz

    Beginning Stats:

    Weight: 195
    Height: 5'10"
    Neck 17.5"
    Chest 42"
    Waist 32"
    Bodyfat 15% (or so)


    To cut down bf% and recomp
    Underwent knee surgery in June and gained a bit of fat and lost some muscle while sedentary for 3 months.


    Need2Slin, Myolean, Pro-Nos, OxiMega Greens, Orange Triad, FocusXT


    Transaderm: 8 weeks at recommended dosage
    Trenazone: 0/0/1.5/1.5/2/2/2.5/2.5
    PStanz: 300/300/350/350/375/375
    Helladrol: 75/75/75/75/100/100

    Cycle Assist and Cycle Support while on cycle (have one of each)


    Torem 120/90/60/30 EDIT: or Clomid (not sure about dosing) but using a 19-nor so may use this
    Erase 0/0/3/2/1

    Going to use my livestrong app to track my calories.
    Starting at around 2000 calories and gauging it from there. Will increase/decrease as my cycle continues. Macros at 40/40/20 (protein/fats/carbs (I bloat like crazy with carbs))

    Exercise Routine:
    5 days lifting


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    starting point...don't be too harsh on it, haha. i know i got some work ahead of me, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was after 3 months of nothing but sitting in bed with my knee up. I couldn't walk for the entire summer, so cardio was a little lacking

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  3. Quick update: looking forward to the transaderm especially to "wet up" the cycle a little. Knee is having problems, crazy amount of scar tissue in my knee post-op. getting weekly cortisone and silicone shots in it...I know, lucky for 22 yo

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