Breaking Dermis and Transcending expectation with RS-Transaderm by NTBM.

  1. Beginning Stats:

    Age: 29 (30 Feb. 17th)
    Weight: 272
    Height: 6'2
    Neck: 16"
    Chest: 46"
    Belly: 47.5"
    Waist: 43"
    Arm: 14"
    Forearm: 12"
    Leg: 26.25"
    Calves: 17.5"
    BodyFat: 26.6%

    I am getting blood test for my T-levels so I will include those every 30 days or so. Current T-levels are:

    Starting Test Levels:
    Total Testosterone: 659 NG/DH
    Free Testosterone: 84.2 PG/ML

    -Test levels are a bit elevated for me as I have been taking DAA, TestoPro, and Erase Pro for going on about 40 days. These numbers are higher then what my baseline number was.

    To cut fat and build/keep lean muscle. Lose a few pounds, but measurements are more important to me. My weight has came off slow but inches have been slicing off.

    AM: TestoPro, LCLT, Organ Shield, Multi, Fish Oil, Agmatine (500mg), Erase Pro
    Pre: D-pol, Agmatine (500mg), Ultima or Focus Xt/Predator/Beast Mode/Craze
    Intra: RecoverPro
    Post: Protein Shake
    PM: TestoPro, 3z

    Still haven't decided how to does the Transaderm. Going to hit MWB up for his suggestion. I also have some m1p and subres coming, might mix things up 30 days down the road.

    I track via, if anyone wants to follow along there send me a friend request. (D2footballjrc) If not I'll have general information here on the log. I follow the spike diet where I eat at deficit 6 days a week and one day of spiking where I got double bmr to keep metabolism high.

    Before Picture:
    *Saved for later, at work so I don't have access to a good before picture*

    Exercise Routine:
    I lift EOD. I've been following a 5X5 modified system but might be changing from that as since I'm always maxing it tears a bit on the body. Might lower it a bit with a few more reps and try to tear more muscles and less tendons.

    Since cutting size is a big part of what I want to achieve Cardio is a part of my workout regiment as well. I will do Cardio everyday on top of days I lift minus my Spike Day which is usually Sat. On Sat. it's a full rest day.
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  2. Let's talk about se....RS-Transaderm.


    It's by NeedToBuildMuslce. You can purchase this fine product at Nutra Planet or from the NTBM website. (Links at the bottom!)

    RS-Transaderm is a complete hormonal optimization formula which contains balanced levels of active bio-identical hormones and natural anti-estrogens.

    These delicate active ingredients are delivered by advanced OHV topical delivery system, and carried directly to the blood stream. This unique delivery system enhances the uptake and efficiency of the active ingredients for immediate physiological benefits.

    Pushing past plateaus and encouraging new muscular growth requires high levels of anabolic & androgenic hormone activity. By supplying the body with high amounts of pro-hormones (aka, hormone precursors), Transaderm dramatically increases the body's anabolic and androgenic capacity. This "hormonal edge" becomes noticeable within hours of application, fueling the body with the high-octane, adrenaline-pumping, rock-crushing power that raises performance to a new level.

    What are anabolic & androgenic hormones?

    Anabolic means stimulation of growth, as in muscle growth. Androgenic means stimulation of male characteristics such as libido, strength, and aggression. Testosterone is a perfect example of a hormone that possesses anabolic & androgenic properties.

    Unknown to most, is the "other" naturally occurring hormones that have strong anabolic & androgenic properties - just like Testosterone. For instance, androstenediol and androstenedione both have anabolic & androgenic activity that supports muscle growth, fat loss, and muscular strength. Transaderm not only boosts testosterone, but it also boosts these other male hormones. (1,2)

    What are the ingredients and how do they work?

    The primary hormone in Transaderm is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - the precursor to all anabolic/andrognic hormones in the body. (1)

    Although DHEA has been available for years, and is found in many other hormonal supplements, Transaderm offers a distinct advantage that makes it up to 20x more effective than oral based products. You see, when DHEA is delivered topically and absorbed through the skin, it is forced to convert to more anabolic/androgenic hormones. (3-11) This is because the skin is highly concentrated with steroid-converting (steroidogenic) enzymes that catalyze the conversion of DHEA to more powerful hormones, such as androstenediol, androstenedione and testosterone. (4-11) This is where Transaderm gets it's anabolic & androgenic horsepower - for increasing strength and lean muscle beyond your natural limit.

    The DHEA is also converted to more powerful fat burning hormones such as 7-oxo-DHEA and 7-beta-DHEA. (5)

    These are powerful thermogenic hormones that increase the rate of fat loss, helping you shed fat as you gain muscle. (12-17)

    Oral DHEA products do not provide these same effects, since the digestive track lacks the same steroidogenic enzyme activity as the skin. (4)

    The second hormone in Transaderm is pregnenolone. This hormone was added in a precise ratio with the DHEA to balance and control conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which may cause hair loss in men prone to androgenic alopecia. (24) Those sensitive to DHT who are concerned with hair-loss need not worry;

    Transaderm won't cost you the hair-line!

    Pregnenolone is also a powerful neurosteroid, which can enhance cognitive focus and memory. (21-23)

    Since certain anabolic & androgenic hormones can convert to estrogen, Transaderm was fortified with an anti-estrogen complex which consists of resveratrol, 7,8 benzoflavoneand chrysin. These are natural plant based compounds that block estrogenic effects such as gyno and fat storage. (25-33) Resveratrol, 7,8 benzoflavone and chrysin have also been proven to have potent fertility stimulating properties, which can help promote increased sexual desire, erectile function and stamina. (25-33)

    What sort of results should I notice with Transaderm?

    Within the first couple days the following results should become noticeable -

    Increased motivational energy
    Improved cognitive focus & drive (20,23,37)
    Improved libido & sexual performance

    Within 2-3 weeks users start to notice -

    Enhanced strength during training
    Increased stamina in the gym & bedroom
    Faster recovery time (35,38-40)
    Aggressive increase in appetite
    Better sleep quality
    Improvements in generally well-being (34,36,37)

    Even without changes in diet or exercise Transaderm will cause an improvement in body composition of a 2-3 lb loss in fat with a 2-3 lb gain in lean muscle within a 4-6 week period.

    This shift in body composition is most noticeable when proper "pre" and "post" measurements are taken. As with any muscle building product, best results are obtained when combined with high protein intake, heavy weight training and sufficient rest.

    How long can I use Transaderm? Do I have to take time off?

    Since Transaderm supplies the body with an outside source of hormones and causes such a significant boost in hormone levels, it can eventually suppress the body's natural hormone production. Therefore, it is recommended that Transaderm be cycled to avoid inhibition.*

    We recommend using Transaderm for 4 weeks at a time, with at least 4 weeks off between each cycle. 6-8 week cycles with Transaderm are safe, however if you choose to use Transaderm for longer than 4 weeks we recommend you consider post cycle therapy (PCT) after the cycle to ensure quick and full recovery of natural testosterone production.

    * Men on long-term hormone or testosterone replacement therapy (HRT/TRT) may use Transaderm indefinitely with their hormonal regimen since shutdown of natural testosterone production is generally acceptable.

    Are there any side effects?

    Aside from the above mentioned suppression of your body's hormone production, using Transaderm within the recommend dose is safe for men, granted there are no serious pre-existing medical conditions. The only side-effects to consider could possibly be irritability or semi-anxiety which is generally avoidable if the user is participating in vigorous physical activity on a daily basis.

    Why should I choose Transaderm over other pro-hormones?

    As explained earlier, Transaderm is more effective than oral DHEA supplements because it delivers DHEA through the skin. Delivering DHEA through the skin forces it to convert to more powerful anabolic & androgenic hormones, because of the enzyme activity in the skin.

    Unlike other orally active pro-hormones or pro-steroids, Transaderm does not stress the liver, prostate or cholesterol levels. Transaderm will also not cause the typical side effects of lethargy or appetite suppression because of toxic effects. The hormones in Transaderm are non-toxic and naturally occurring in the human body.

    Administer lotion every morning, after a shower
    2. Administer 4-5 pumps and apply to the skin*
    3. Allow 4-5 minutes to dry


    Apply to shoulders and upper-back for best conversion. Only apply the product to clean, dry skin. Shaving off body hair is recommended, but not required. Also, avoid swimming, bathing or tanning for at least 6 hours after application.

    Places to get Need To Build Muscle Product:

    Link to Need to Build Muscle Page on RS-Transderm

  3. Subbed. Awesome to get the T Levels done. Good luck with your run!

  4. Places to get Need To Build Muscle Product:

    Link to Need to Build Muscle Page on RS-Transderm

  5. Subbed bro! Kill it!!
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  6. I'm in on this !!!! Kill it !!!

  7. off to a nice start!!!!

  8. Sub'd

    Like following your logs, you always put a ton of information in there

  9. Hello?

    U put everything under the sun but your age up there....
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  10. In for the ride ;-)
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1

    U put everything under the sun but your age up there....

    Age 29 (30 on Feb. 17th.)
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  12. Alright D2! Lets see the logging madness!
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Alright D2! Lets see the logging madness!
    You got it bro. Took pictures at the gym last night. BF was sitting at a chunky 25.9%.

    Blake stated it shipped out yesterday, I'll most likely get it Tuesday or Wed.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by D2footballjrc View Post

    Age 29 (30 on Feb. 17th.)
    Ill be having 2 feb 17ths this year lol.
    I leave Japan on the 17th and reach Hawaii on the 17 in the AM. 19hour time difference
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag

    Ill be having 2 feb 17ths this year lol.
    I leave Japan on the 17th and reach Hawaii on the 17 in the AM. 19hour time difference
    Make sure you toss one back for me.
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  16. Another LOG?!?!?!? You WHORE!!!
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by D2footballjrc View Post
    You got it bro. Took pictures at the gym last night. BF was sitting at a chunky 25.9%. Blake stated it shipped out yesterday, I'll most likely get it Tuesday or Wed.
    i wouldn't be surprised if you get it monday, ntbm shipping is very fast!!!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt
    i wouldn't be surprised if you get it monday, ntbm shipping is very fast!!!
    Absolutely! Your package will be there the first of the week.....if I don't intercept it first! I need another bottle!
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  19. Very interested to see progress and blood work good luck man!


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