Stopstalking doing it big with SNS

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    hope the review is good!
    online rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScienceGuided
    hope the review is good!
    Well let me start of by saying both of these are now staples along side my protein and vitamins.

    I highly recommend this stack to everyone. The pumps were insane. Endurance increased a whole lot. I felt as if I could lift all day long.

    I must say I ran primaforce agmatine in the past with very little to show for. I have heard SNS agmatine was better but I kinda doubted that. Well I was wrong this is top notch as is evey SNS product I have tried.

    I have ran beta alanine in the past and kinda just stop purchasing it. I really don't know why. I will no let that happen again. I felt like o was getting extra reps and my muscle just wanted to keep going. I got reay bad tingles the first week or so (I like them though) that went completely away after 2 weeks or so.

    Thanks again SNS for opening my eyes up to agmatine and back up for beta alanine.


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