Vidasupps Vidatest Review

  1. Vidasupps Vidatest Review

    Just a recap of my log for those looking for some Vidatest info.
    I also had a buddy get some and he has been having great results as well

    Vidasupps and EV52 I cant thank you enough for the great opportunity to run this product for a full 3 bottles.
    In my eyes I have no negative things to say about the product. First week there was a few breakout tiny pimples but that it.
    Other than that it has been an amazing natural test booster that was run as astandalone with prett good results
    At first I had alot going on with work and the holidays so mentally as far as the libido I think I was just blocking that out.

    Strength gains 10
    In my opinion I think this was the strongest aspect of the product. Why how ? dont have a clue but for a Natural I was shocked that even up till the last day my strength has increased in EVERY excersise.
    Libido 8
    Like I stated before I think the reason this was not noticed right away was me not the product.
    Endurance 10
    I have not fallen short anywhere and have had all day energy everday.
    Sleep 10
    I have had no sleep issues while taking the product.
    Side effects
    I will say ZERO I figured if I rate this it might get missunderstood.
    Crash ?
    We will find out but I highly doubt it. I have succesfully transitioned into the erase pro for the last week. If anything changes I will update.

    Add Ons
    This could very well be taken by itself with great results. There might be someone on here reading this that might run it solo but for most of im sure we would add a few things like an estrogen blocker and some DAA at the least.

    Anyone that is getting up there in age like myself great natural product with a great price.

  2. Thanks for the review, Great Log!

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