Mattrag tries the golden feast!

  1. Mattrag tries the golden feast!

    So I was able to get a bottle of this shipped to me and I have been taking it post workout and in some mornings.

    Okay. So for one I tried it the first time and I kinda didn't like it. But I took another members advice and tried it with more water. (14oz) and it was perfect. They also suggest you do this (or gauge your sourness tolerance lol.)
    It is very low fat and had a 1:1 ratio carbs to protein. I like it post workout. But you guys know all the ratios and stuff so the most important points: taste, solubility/mix, price.
    Taste: 9/10. Best tasting mrp to date for me. Just give it small shake before you drink it and it should remain a consistent consistency and flavor. If you had their white flood it kinda reminds me of it. The fruitiness of it. Kind of fake but not? It's hard to describe but I really like it.

    Solubility: 6/10 it says to mix it with a spoon but I would just mix it up first in the bottle let it settle give it a mix (up down shake) and then drink. That way there is no foam and no need for a spoon. Small obstacle to overcome to enjoy my drink.

    Value: 8/10. It was 31.99 for the new years sale. That was damn steal. 30 servings. Comes out to a little over a dollar for each. You get fruit and veggie complex, 20grams of some quality protein, 20g of good carbs and some mcts. Damn good deal.

    Would I recommend buying this? If you can fit it in your diet it's really good. And a good deal for all the little extras you get.

    Would I buy this again? Yes. I have in fact.
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  2. So today after forgetting that I didn't have breakfast ready (Only made 3 'lunches' instead of 4), I just chugged down a double (four scoops of golden feast) and realized how great of a deal it still is. Man, great calories, good antioxidants, and greens. Just thought i'd share lol.
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