Ultradrol/Trenazone guest starring M1D Black (sponsored)

  1. Ultradrol/Trenazone guest starring M1D Black (sponsored)

    I am running a 4 week Ultradrol/Trenazone bulk starting TODAY. I am adding M1D Black to hopefully keep my sides down and keep me motivated in the gym and otherwise. With two small kids it is sometimes hard to find motivation when any kind of lethargy hits. I will be updating every other day to track my moods/gains.

    Currently starting with 8mg/day Ultradrol, 1ml Trenazone, M1D Black dosed at 8 tabs/day.

    I'd like to thank LG Sciences for providing the M1D Black for this log!

    This should be interesting.

  2. Subbed I'm starting a similar run in feb. Kill it man!

  3. Subbed! This is gonna be good...
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  4. Im in for the adventure.....
    ‘Don’t let fear determine who you are and never let where you come from determine where you’re going.’

  5. Quick update- today is my third day in, up 1lb altogether. Yesterday I was up 1.5, today it dropped by .5. Had a nice pump feeling all day. No bloating or anything.

    Feeling really good, endurance and strength is up. I was able to put in a really good workout last night, woke up nicely sore.

  6. nice stack,will be along for this one

  7. How are you dosing these throughout the day?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by classic34 View Post
    How are you dosing these throughout the day?
    I'm taking 4 M1D Black in the morning, 4 at night. I take them with the Ultradrol, (which is black also, taking a handful of black pills only looks slightly dubious) and then I slather on the Trenazone shortly before bed.

    Today I did something that I've never done on my previous cycles or otherwise- I took a "nap" in the middle of the day (I laid with my cat but didn't sleep). I usually feel too lazy to even lay down. It wasn't lethargy but I do feel like my body is craving extra rest, even though I am getting much more than I normally do. I usually have a difficult time sleeping but this week I've been falling asleep just about as soon as I lay down (I guess this is normal?).

  9. Good stuff. Ultradrol + Trenazone should make for an insane cycle, and there's no doubt that the M1-D Black will keep at bay some lethargy while hopefully giving the libido a boost. It sure did for me!


  10. Weight has been fluctuating (+2.5 total as of today), I attribute this mostly to what I feel is a pretty damn good recomp going on. My wife, who normally doesn't even notice changes (she didn't blink when I gained 10lbs my last bulk) has been commenting every day about something new. Obviously being married with kids I naturally have no libido (it is abused and beat down, hiding behind the basement stairs) so I feel like I get shut-down pretty easily. Right now I feel great, though. The libido is there when I want it. I have been on less suppressive cycles where I had been popping wood like I was back in high school. Thankfully none of that is happening.

    Week 1 of this cycle feels like Week 3 of my previous h-drol cycles.

    Upped dose to 12mg Ultradrol/day, will continue with that dose for the rest of the cycle.

  11. Nice! When other people start commenting that's when you know there has been some definite changes. Are you noticing anything different in the gym yet? How are the pumps?
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  12. My workouts are pretty insane now. You remember the first Spider-Man movie where he first got his powers, woke up in the morning and was looking at himself in the mirror... that's how I feel every morning. I am able to push myself much further than I could previously, exercises like dips just feel so f*cking good now.

    Pumps just never seem to go away. I feel very steel-like!!

  13. Sounds like good times. Keep killing it. What are your current dosages?

  14. I like to hear about those sides. I have 2 bottles of Ultradrol and 2 Trenazone myself. Trenazone will kick off my anabolic work for contest prep in about 2 weeks. Ultradrol i'm saving.

    Between the two i would imagine some amazing increases in strength. Despite Trenazone being trendione you should still reap many of the tren benefits but with less negative sides. I'd imagine the strength will continue to go up, vascularity will go up, and you should be gaining weight but looking leaner. Ultradrol should be helping the weight increase, so that will be an interesting interaction with Trenazone. Glad to hear you're upping the Ultradrol dosage

  15. ****, I wrote this long post at work but forgot to post it.

    Here's the short version:

    Back to starting weight, recomp has been INSANE
    Vascularity is HIGH, from chest to foot (wtf)
    New striations on chest, lats
    Hunger WAY up, stomach rumbling during meetings

    Starting to get back pumps, not too bad yet. Need to get more Taurine.
    Slight acne, hasn't been bad at all, seems to be going away

    Even compared to 2 weeks into hdrol cycle this seems milder. One weird thing is that I tend to loose hair really easily. I have very thin hair but a LOT of it so it is constantly falling out. When I'm on cycle I usually just shave it off because it falls out too much. As of today I have been losing even less hair than I normally do, from (estimated shower figures) like 20 hairs/day to like 6. I've been worried about MPB so this is something I've paid a lot of attention to daily.

    I feel amazing, body still craving lots of sleep. Forcing myself to get 8 hours but sometimes I still feel beat up in the morning, even after an off day. That feeling seems to fade after a few hours.

  16. Bumping up calories, not sure if I'm peaking but I'm getting close to the halfway mark. I forgot to take my Animal Flex for the last 2 days and now my elbow is feeling a little dry.


    Forgot to put in when I retyped my post on Friday, I went back to my starting weight due to the insane recomp. Since then I have bumped up my calories/protein and gained 3.25. Another thing I forgot to put down is the Aggression. It is almost out of control. Everything pisses me off and driving just makes me want to get out and start flipping cars over. Wife is not a fan at ALL.

    Fatigue has hit me BIG TIME. I am pretty sure I am carb crashing. I have a bad habit of not eating first thing and that has really hurt me. Also, like I've been saying, getting enough sleep seems to be what my body is focusing on. I ended up not getting quite 8 hours on Sat/Sunday and had to stay home from work yesterday. I woke up and couldn't imagine moving around. As bad as I felt in the morning, I felt fine by the afternoon.

  18. Fatigue no longer an issue, definitely was carb crashing. Anger is becoming a major issue, mental filter just isn't working anymore... I just want to break everyone I see, I really feel bad for my kids as my patience is nonexistent.

  19. Yeah I was going to say it may just be a blood sugar issue. Good to hear that's cleared up now. How is your strength? Gotta channel that aggression into productive things instead of towards those around you...Although it's always fun to fantasize about taking down all of your surrounding drivers with a machine gun.
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  20. Strength continues to go up, unfortunately the elbow injury that I re-aggravated by forgetting my join supps for 2 days has stopped me from doing any really heavy lifting on that side. Then again, I needed to focus on legs so it works out.

    The focusing of aggression really makes it hard to take a day off...

    Up to 6gm taurine but my back feels much better, really quite surprised how light the sides have been. Only about 10 days left to the recomp.

  21. I feel like I jinxed myself a little bit before. I'm breaking out like I'm in high school!
    Aggression isn't as bad. I don't know if I've gotten used to it or if it is just tapering off.

    I have less than a week left, no shut-down so I am pretty happy. The M1D Black is definitely doing its part.

    On the scale I am +3.25 still. I had a really bad weekend (since Friday) where both my kids have been sick with fevers so I have not had much time to hit the gym or to get enough sleep. Still, I was surprised that I was still up so much weight considering the recomp effects. Overall I would say I've gained about 8lbs of muscle and lost 5 of fat, conservatively.

  22. Yea, aggression should level off.

    How's the BP? I had BP issues week 4 with Ultra/M1D stacked. Any lethargy? Another thing that killed me while on the stack.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  23. I have had 0 issues with blood pressure, which is something I have been very sensitive to in the past (which made taking Adderall impossible while on cycle, no prob this time). My Hawthorne Berry has been sitting lonely in my cabinet the whole time. The only lethargy I had was fixed by eating first thing in the morning, greek yogurt has been my breakfast of choice.

    Picked up a virus from my kids, missed my first dose yesterday due to not being to keep anything down

  24. Glad to hear the BP is all good. Keeping tabs on your progress because I'd love to run it again if I can figure out how to keep mine in check.

    Good luck.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  25. OK so I finished my cycle on Monday. The ****ty part is that I have been sick for the last week+. I got laid low with a cold and a virus, luckily I didn't throw up like the rest of my family but I couldn't work out or eat like I wanted to. Still, for the last week of sickness I managed not to lose any weight, even though I leaned out quite a bit from it. I must have added some weight before I got sick.

    Final tally: -6lbs fat, +3lbs weight giving me about +9lbs total muscle.

    I felt pretty good throughout and didn't get shutdown, so I would consider this a great success! I'd like to again thank LG Science for the M1D Black, it definitely made a good difference. If you don't want to recomp then drop the trenazone, it is LEGIT. I am now set for a 12 week test cycle in the future.


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