Lexagon - AI Sports Maniac Review

  1. Lexagon - AI Sports Maniac Review

    Lexagon Reviews AI Sports Maniac


    After trying the samples of AIís Maniac, I was hooked. Iíve tried other pre-workouts, but a lot of them leave you feeling jittery and then you crash right after your workout. That feeling is definitely not for me. Maniac is clean good energy and focus, with great pumps and NO crash!

    What is Maniac?

    MANIAC!ô is a very well-rounded pre-workout supplement, containing ingredients to make sure you have a productive workout. Ingredients that will help with endurance, stamina, a pump, energy, hydration. Oh Yea. And the taste is awesome too!
    What you will experience from MANIAC!ô:
    - Increased Pumps
    - Extra aggression in the gym
    - No Crash
    - Increased Muscle Mass
    - Increased Vascularity
    - Insane Endurance
    - Extreme Focus

    Maniac has been a great addition to my supplement stack. Started off taking 1 scoop pre workout and hit some major awesomeness in the gym. It was a good clean straightforward focus. The pumps were amazing and it definitely keeps me fueled through even the toughtest of workouts, the best part, no nasty crash afterwards. Maniac has allowed me to reach new PRs on a regular basis.
    Started dosing at 1 scoop moved up to 1.5 scoops when the workouts started getting harder and I started pushing more weights. Still the same great effect. No complaints.

    Fruit Punch Taste Review
    Great flavor. A little on the sweet side, but nothing some extra water canít fix. Usually use around 14oz with the fruit punch, never had a problem with it.

    Pink Lemonade Taste Review
    Exactly how the name describes it, pink lemonade. Not too sweet and not too tart. Usually use around 12 oz of water with this one. Love the flavor!

    Mixibility Ė 8/10
    Thereís a little leftover at the bottom of the cup. Nothing that bothers me and itís not a whole lot. If you shake it pretty hard it usually mixes in a little more. Wonít stop me from using Maniac at all.

    Overall Rating Ė 9/10
    Great energy, long lasting, no nasty crash and awesome focus.

    Maniac mixes great with RecoverPro as well. 1 Scoop RecoverPro w/ 1.5 Maniac is an awesome combo. Doesnít matter which flavors you mix together always a hit.

  2. Thank you for posting all these reviews today!

    Aren't you the one that turned me onto Fruit Punch Maniac + Raspberry RecoverPRO?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. I might be responsible for that yes ...

    By far one of the best stumble upons yet

  4. Nice review!

    You've been a busy beaver in here with these reviews
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

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