Lexagon - AI Sports RecoverPro Review

  1. Lexagon - AI Sports RecoverPro Review

    Lexagon Reviews AI RecoverPro

    After trying the samples of RecoverPro that I had received, I knew this would be a staple in my supplement stash. I ordered a small tub of both Lemon and Raspberry to see which one I liked more. I’ll review both separately as well as together.

    What is RecoverPro?

    As an athlete, bodybuilder, or gym enthusiast you know just how much a grueling workout can breakdown your muscle - a requirement for subsequent muscle growth. You also have felt how tiring and exhausting a long cardio session can be. The breakdown of muscle and endurance training are necessary for performance enhancement. If fitness was easy, everyone would do it. Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to increase muscle protein synthesis to heal muscle breakdown faster, ways to increase endurance so you can stay on the treadmill longer? Well there is. Science has shown that supplementing with a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) ****tail can significantly increase nitrogen retention in the muscle, increase protein synthesis, and increase endurance.

    What do BCAA’s do?
    BCAA’s consist of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, which are amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is what your muscles need to be able to recovery and grow.
    Consuming free form amino acids, in the form of BCAA’s will provide a quick boost to your amino acid pool, and therefore increase recovery, endurance, vascularity, and many other things.

    Lemon RecoverPro
    Great lemon flavor, a little on the lighter side to me which is fine. Tasted a lot like lemonade which is always nice and refreshing.

    Raspberry RecoverPro
    Stronger raspberry flavor, but not overwhelming. Definitely something I could drink on a regular basis.

    Raspberry/Lemon Combo
    By far the best, it’s like raspberry lemonade, but better. Best served ice cold!

    Besides the taste, the best thing I noticed from RecoverPro was in-fact Recovery. Muscle soreness the next day was next to none, even 2 days later still nothing. It’s amazing really.

    Mixability was a little lower 7/10 – some floaters, but really nothing to complain about. I just made it in the AM at work, threw it in the fridge and by 4p when I was headed out the door everything had dissolved and it was ice cold. Even if you can’t do that just shake it hard and most of it will dissolve. From what I’ve heard this isn’t anything abnormal in BCAA’s.

    On workout days I’ll typically have 1-2 scoops throughout the day between meals and another 2 scoops intra workout. Definitely helps keep me going and hydrated.

    Recently I started mixing 1 scoop RecoverPro with my Maniac and it’s awesome. Pink Lemonade/Lemon is by far the best, but Fruit Punch/Rasp is pretty good too.

    Overall Rating of RecoverPro: 9/10

    This will be something that stays in my stash for a long time. I’ve already used about 3lbs and have another 4-5 to go!

    If you haven’t tried it and want some samples, hit up one of the AI reps on the board. They’ll gladly hook you up!

  2. Awesome, you even reviewed the Raspberry+Lemon mix!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Awesome, you even reviewed the Raspberry+Lemon mix!
    As if there is any other way to go That's pretty much my daily go to regardless. Actually I haven't had them separate in a loooong time! LOL

  4. I like to alternate and then mix and then start all over. When I'm feeling wild and crazy I mix the Lemon RecoverPRO with Lime Margita Crystal Light. I know, I know. I'm so WILD!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  5. You get down with your bad self ... lol Actually sounds pretty good. I would alternate, but that would require too much planning. I have a mixed bucket at work, it's easier that way. I should alternate on the weekends though.

  6. My wife gets mad b/c I keep old containers. I use them to pre-mix stuff and it's make my mornings much easier, lol.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

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  8. I always drink the lemon/raspberry mix now, never either alone.


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