MidwestBeast's SNS Focus-XT mini-log / Review

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    MidwestBeast's SNS Focus-XT mini-log / Review

    Schizm and SNS were nice enough to hook me up with a tub of Focus-XT. I'd been wanting to try it for a while and just never bit the bullet. The reason I didn't put "sponsored" in the title is because I actually just purchased 5 tubs, the other day...lol. I saw a great deal and wanted to stock up -- that's faith! I hadn't tried FXT, yet, but I didn't want to pass up the deal and based on what I've heard and knowing the SNS reps pretty well, I just kind of hoped it would work well for me...and if not, I'd have plenty to trade .

    I just took my first ever scoop, about 10 minutes, ago. I will say thus far that it's a really nice consistency of powder and when I poured 1 scoop into my shaker cup (maybe ~10oz water; I always just eyeball it and never measure), it mixed up pretty well just upon hitting the water. I shook it up, washed it back and it mixed perfectly; nothing left behind, no grit and not a bunch of product left in the shaker cup (requiring another shot of water to knock it back again, so as to not waste any product...I've had to do that with certain products and it can be annoying).

    It's actually been about 15 minutes, now, (I'm taking longer to type this, because other things keep getting in the way), and I can feel some focus already kicking in. I lifted about 4 hours ago and I only took 1 serving of Anabolic Ignite, pre-workout (no stims). I did that for the specific reason of wanting to try this, today, and not wanting to be on a bunch of stimulants. I had my post workout shake around 4:30-5:00 and I haven't eaten, since. I downed this when I had a nice chance not surrounded by food. I need to eat my whole food post-workout meal, but I'm in the process of reconfiguring my entire home theater, so that's priority number 1 and I'll just eat whenever that's all finished. I've got the old one out and have to wire the new receiver and decide if I want to hook up any old game systems (N64, Dreamcast...lol) or not.

    I've been getting sidetracked with other things; including reorganizing a huge storage closet I have and also this stupid bin of wires (looking to see if I have an extra HDMI cord in it, because the others I'd be using are ridiculous - one is 25' and the other is 2'...just stupid lol) and now I'm winding them all up and tie-wrapping them, because the bin is an absolute mess and I don't want to deal with this, again. I'm in an organizational/productive mood, so I have to take advantage of this.

    Anyway, that's it for now, but so far, so good. Oh, and the taste of the blue raspberry is also very nice. It was refreshing, because to be honest, blue raspberry is a flavor that's very easy to overdo and make it just taste nasty. Nice job, SNS.

    More info to come later, once I have this stupid chore-list complete.

  2. Haha. Good use of the energy and focus!

    I've never tried it before man'. When you see that kinda deal again lemme know man!! You know I'm a supp horder lol.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  3. I can tell it was working when you typed that, because you were "in the zone" when typing and got a bit carried away with filling us in on your jobs. lol.

    easy to do when using focus xt, me, I'll look at the screen after taking two scoops and if i start thinking about something complicated, i'll just zone into deep thought.

    nice review, hope your experience continues to be pleasent bro!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Haha. Good use of the energy and focus!

    I've never tried it before man'. When you see that kinda deal again lemme know man!! You know I'm a supp horder lol.
    he's got 5 tubs, have that mofo send you 5 days worth to sample!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast

    You forget, he's in Japan...I don't have that kind of scratch! lol
    I'll be having my three week visit to Hawaii in 3 weeks

    Regardless, just inform me on the deals!! You have my facebook! Share the knowledge!
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    So, I just ate for the first time in 6-6.5 hours, which is not at all how I roll lol. It's kind of unfortunate in regards to post-workout nutrition and overall daily cals/macros/etc., but whatever. I only ended up netting 180g protein and probably right around 1,000-1,200 calories, which is obviously very low and not what I'd shoot for on a lifting day. However, with the medical situation being what it is, I don't really think it matters, anyway.

    Anywho, This has been one of the most productive weekends I've had in a few months. Yesterday (no FXT), I got a lot done and got the weekend off to a good start. This afternoon and evening, I managed to get a ton done. I got the entire home theater reconfigured (new receiver, new media player), cleaned out all the closets and reorganized them (largely so I can put the two 45-gallon bins with all of my supps in them into the storage closet and get them out of my kitchen), took down a bunch of pictures (because I switched my bedroom and my office a month or so, ago), vacuumed, and I have a load of laundry finishing up, now.

    I didn't really notice anything specific in terms of the nootropic effect; just a focus that a good fat-burner used to give me. I do have over a kilo of piracetam that I'll experiment with adding into a serving of FXT, down the road. A large reason I wanted to give FXT a try is because I just started up undergrad classes, again, 2 weeks ago to pursue a second bachelor's in dietetics, part-time. My degrees are both arts-based, so I'm in chemistry and will be taking A&P, etc., and I haven't taken a relevant science course since I was in high school.

    Tomorrow I'll hit church, early, go hit a leg session at the gym, and then likely rock some FXT, again, to work on some homework while I watch the football games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    I'll be having my three week visit to Hawaii in 3 weeks

    Regardless, just inform me on the deals!! You have my facebook! Share the knowledge!
    Just follow SNS on facebook and you'll know these things

  8. The Blue Raspberry is awesome! I would mix it with 1scoop of Glacier Freeze Gatorade and drink it through the morning. No crash and great focus with good clean energy. Owed our draftsman so I gave him a tub of it too. He loved it!
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  9. Greatness Blake! Thanks for the details...How'd your leg session go yesterday?
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    Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    Greatness Blake! Thanks for the details...How'd your leg session go yesterday?
    Only the second time I've done heavy squats in the past 6 months. Surprisingly, I don't have the DOMS (yet...lol), but I imagine they'll kick in, tomorrow. I just went with 1 scoop of Ultima pre-workout. I did 5 sets of squats and worked up to 335x6 (had only been doing about 365x5 or so in my prime; had done 415 for reps, but I never went as deep, so that hardly counts). The good thing about now is that all of my squats are as low as physically possible to go.

    I hit 5 sets of squats, 5 sets of heavy leg extensions, 4 sets of heavy Nautilus seated calf raises and then finished off with 3 sets of prone leg curls to hit the hammys a bit more.

    That wasn't near what I'd call a large or exhausting leg session, but I know better than to go back in 100%. I've done that before and couldn't walk correctly for nearly 2 weeks. I'll slowly be adding more and more back into it. Also, until the medical stuff is figured out, I don't really want to torture my legs when it doesn't play out as making as much of a difference.

    I barely ate again, yesterday. I had a 3 scoops W2BM and a banana before church, came home and had my pre and lifted, 20g BCAAs intra, 3 scoops Muscle Replenisher post-workout and then just shy of 1 cup brown rice, seasoned with garlic and onion powder and buffalo sauce, and 6 eggs sunny side up mixed in. Aside from that, I had a little bit of Blue Bunny low/no fat (can't remember) and no sugar added ice cream. I must be getting overly sensitive to splenda. It used to be that I only got sick if I ate a ton of products with it in them, but I didn't eat that much of the ice cream and my stomach felt terrible all night.

    I had 1 scoop of FXT around 7, just after the start of the Giants/Niners game. I was feeling super drowsy and actually considered taking a nap for an hour and then waking up to do homework, but better judgment suggested I didn't. I got a nice level of energy from that that lasted me til about 11:30 or so. I didn't notice anything hit me strong and I never really felt anything, but the drowsiness wore off, which is what I needed. And I read a chapter for my nutrition course and did the minor assignment for it.

  11. your legs prob wont be sore with that girly w/o you did.

  12. 335 is good weight bro....

    focus XT pLz
    RecoverBro ELITE

  13. Sweet review .. Thanks

    Ha yeah looks like u stocked up pretty well .. Once you done with ignite .. Throw your own bulk together with focus .. Good stuff
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    Just tried some of the pink lemonade, from my new stash, this morning. I think someone had said it tastes like Country Time pink lemonade, so that's what I was expecting. I found it tasted better and not quite as tart or potent as most pink lemonades. It actually reminded me, I think, of those little tiny little juice drinks with the foil lids (edit: quick google search turned up "Little Hugs").

    However, I think there were different ones that weren't barrel shaped and that's what I'm thinking of.

    I could be wrong, because it's been ages since I've had one of those things, but I think that's what it reminded me of. Initially, I was thinking Pop Ice flavoring.

  15. Ha now I'm craving for Those huggies drink

  16. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    You better re-word that, buddy. Sounds like you wanna drink some diaper juice
    There's no good way to put it .. I was gonna say craving for some 'hugs' then u woulda made some homophobic comment lol


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