Like to thank jbryand101b for sending me a few servings of blue raz focus xt.

    effectiveness: im telling you it does what it says it does and ive already bought a tub. getting into the end of my real estate studies and i need to focus and soak it all in like a sponge and it will no doubt help out. took the samples on a few days i had some big jobs i needed to take care of one cleaning out my damn garage and disposing of a few things to the dump and two other days a had some side jobs i wanted to get done in a day and not comeback the next day. reached all my goals within those days. love this product and ill probably be buying it on a constant rotation.

    taste: it was all right. a flavor i can like, im on black cherry now and i like that better than blu raz. had a strange smell when i opened the bag but i kind of liked it,lol.

    mixability: no problem. mixes fine in a shaker cup.

    im happy with focus and id give it a 10/10. ive recommended it to some of my neighbors and friends.

    thanks again jbryand101b and SNS for giving me sample. appreciate it.

  2. nice review, glad you liked it.

    I've never sent samples of my personal stuff or otherwise before, so feel special! lol.

  3. loved it

  4. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it, and good luck with your real estate studies. I've seen the texts for those, good lawd that's a lot of information.
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