"RoidRageX10 Realizes his Really big need for a Return" - log

  1. "RoidRageX10 Realizes his Really big need for a Return" - log

    Long time no see guys! I've been out of the lifting game consistently for a good year and a half. After graduating high school I dove right into my career, and lost sight of my fitness aspirations I had in school. Good news is though I started lifting again in december of 2011 and I've just started a sick supplement stack that I'm sure everyone will love to see! So I decided I should log my progress.

    My supplement stack: (dosing chart/timing to be updated)

    Basics -

    Papaya Enzyme
    Complete Multivitamin
    Fish Oil
    Whey Protein (muscle milk, ***-brand, etc)


    Modern BCAA
    Cell-Mass (bought it cheap)
    Leukic (7g of leucine!!)


    C4 (best pre-wo powder I have had.)
    Anabolic Pump

    I have been taking these products for about a week or so and already set a new personal record with my bench press when I did 190lbs for 9 reps. I was amazed at how fast these products have kicked in and can only wait for more results to come.

    My eating plan:

    I will be honest I eat to live now. I dont try to plan every meal on the dot and watch this and eat that. I enjoy life. These supplements work as long as I follow a generalized eating plan. I take my protein shakes, I eat lean meat, I'm eating 5 bananas a day, 2 servings of oatmeal, yogurt, olive oil, wheat bread on turkey. I don't want to be shoving down food like I did in school, but I will be eating roughly 3k calories a day. And here comes the shocker: I eat McDonalds! I am an assistant GM so I tend to eat the healthy alternatives, if there is a night a splurge, I'll be sure to have an extra dose on anabolic pump on hand.

    My routine:
    The routine I plan on following is the one I used in school for progressive overload.I have a warm-up set, acclimation set and 2 sets of 4-6 reps. 2-3 exercises/body part. 2-3 parts/day. 5 minute jog or bike to start my work-out and end with stretching of worked muscles. Total time in gym should be under 40 minutes.My goal is to add either weight or reps each workout. Cardio will be 1-2 times per week pending my work schedule.

    My goal:

    My goal is to increase my strength while physically leaning out which shall be judged by my before and after pictures.

    I will update my log 3-5 times per week with either records set, personal appearance changes, my actual workouts, maybe my diet for suggestions.

    My target date is to be completed by March 7th with all supplements and after pictures to be posted Thursday.

  2. Prime - 6/day with meals. 2 pre-workout. 2 post-work. 2 dinner or breakfast
    AP - 3-4/day 20 mins pre-carb meals
    Cell-Mass - Post-wo or before bed
    Leukic - 6 in am / 6 pre0-wo
    C4 - 1 scoop pre-wo
    BCAA - 10g intra workout ONLY

  3. Here are my pictures guys. Nothing No real poses I dont have my camera but my after pictures should look killer


  4. Thursday, Jan. 19th

    Had a short day at the gym only working triceps. My tuesday workout left me so sore its all I could focus on.

    I did skull crushers, BW dips and rope pull-downs. Friday my triceps were very SWOLE.

    Diet Points: I'm finding it easier to control my diet at work. Everytime I go to ring up my food I think about the effects of a burger versus chicken or ice cream versus yogurt and it is putting my supplement bill into perspective now. I also began my EVOO with my milk at night. I like it for a long-term release of protein throughout the night and the monounsaturated fats are very healthy in general.

    Appearance: I am looking a bit leaner in the mirror. But I also know the cell-mass will cause water retention so I'm considering dropping the cell-mass for a cleaner look.

  5. Took Monday off. A workout just didn't fit my schedule. Tuesday will be chest and triceps I'm looking for some serious lifts!

  6. As much as I don't like muscletech.... Cell mass is basically creatine +carbs. Creatine MAY make you retain water but it will also increase your strength and improve DHT levels. I would leave it in... maybe cut it out ONLY towards the end for those after pictures.

    Prime/AP is GREAT!!
    Have fun
    RecoverBro ELITE

  7. Thank you I didn't actually read that about the carbs. I will keep it then! Yea I'm excited week 3 is where I start to see results!
  8. Tuesday, Janurary 24th - Week 3

    Met up with an old lifting buddy and did Chest and Triceps today:


    Flat BB Press
    95 x 10
    135 x 8
    165 x 3
    195 x 6
    210 x 3

    Incline DB Press
    40 x 10
    60 x 3 [too much weight]
    55 x 6

    Hammer Strength Incline
    140 x 3
    180 x 6
    200 x 4


    Rope Pull Downs
    20 x 10
    60 x 6
    70 x 4

    Skull Crusher (on a sweet machine!) - This machine takes all the stress off my elbows
    40 x 10
    75 x 5
    75 x 6

    Overall Review of Day

    Going to bed @ 2:30am was not a great idea. Woke up around 11 and just didn't feel rested like I should. My form needs improvement on my chest exercises so I might have to lower the weight to really feel my muscles under tension.

    Supplement Update:
    I know take Anabolic Pump at LEAST 30 minutes pre-carb meals. I read the AP manual and my body type reacts much better to this dosing protocol. Either starting week 4 or 5 I will be bumping up my Prime to 9/day. I was reading many of my old logs and my strength jumped up when I did that. I also learned I have to be very careful with my chest. I overtrained it throughout 2009 based on my logged workouts and I refuse to stay stagnet in my gains. I also have decided to keep Cell-Mass (it also expires soon)

    Progress: I am leaner in my abs and feel less flat like I have been for the past year or so. My natural energy levels are elevated too and I credit this to just being active again along with the digestive enzyme and my multi-vitamin. It is amazing what such little changes can impact the body.

  9. Thursday - shoulders and biceps

    Sitting DB press
    30lbs x 10
    40lbs x 3
    50lbs x 6
    55lbs x 6

    Standing front DB raises
    12lbs x 10
    20lbs x 6
    20lbs x 4

    Hammer DB curls
    20lbs x 10
    30lbs x 6
    30lbs x 6

    Flat BB curls
    Bar x 10
    60lbs x 4
    60lbs x 4

    My pump was so strong, putting my tie on for work was a struggle!


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