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First a quick shout out to SeanFxxx who hooked me up with some samples when I was having some issues early on. It gave me a chance to try three of the new Probiotic Myofusions. I will do the overall review on the chocolate then give final reviews on the 3 flavors taste that I received. If you like this review look forward to the Cinnabon review that will be upcoming once I receive my protein!

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First lets talk about the nutritional makeup. Here is a picture of the nutritional value and ingredients on the back of the package.

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The calories are about the same as the old Myofusion, which is nice to see as I am someone who is trying to lose weight. 150 calories is a good number to have a couple scoops throughout the day and not worrying about it putting me over my daily calorie goals. It's nice to see the 25% DV of calcium in there as well. I drink about half my shakes with calcium fortified almond or soy milk. 24g of protein per scoop again runs the lines as the old Myofusion. Carbs are a bit higher at 9g, you do have 1g of Dietary Fiber so that brings you net carbs to 8g per scoop. It is manageable, but might be a bit high for anyone trying any form of Keto or Atkins diet. Sodium and Fat are both very low. It's a well balanced protein. The probiotics are a nice touch, I have an iron stomach so it'll be hard for me to judge how effective these are.

Now lets talk about Mixabilty. I tried the Chocolate with 8 ounces of cold Almond Milk. (I put the Milk in the freezer for about 8-10 minutes first) I tossed it in my blender bottle shook it up for a about 5-6 shakes and looked into the mix. It was thick but it was very well mixed. No clumps or clumping. This has mixed better for me then the Chocolate Peanutbutter protein of the old myofusion.

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Taste. It was a very well flavored Chocolate shake, it was very thick and about half the consistency of a good milk shake. It went down easy and left no aftertaste in my mouth but Chocolate. Compared to Myofusion's Chocolate it is a bit better. The one flavored I wasn't sold on was the Vanilla. It's definitely drinkable and tastes good, I've had better Vanilla flavored products though. The Strawberry Cream actually was the thickest of the bunch for me, I'm not a fan of Strawberry so I'm probably not a great judge on taste, but I did enjoy this shake. It was flavorful and tasted very much like strawberries. Chocolate was by far my favorite of the three.

Now since I'm trying to lose weight and cut I do like to measure how well the shakes do at keeping me feeling full. I will say the extra carbs I think might help with this but these shakes kept me feeling full for a lot longer then some of the other protein shakes I've tried in the past. They almost seemed like a meal replacement shake. Was pleasantly surprised on this.

I was very pleased with these samples and have went ahead and ordered a tub of the Chocolate. I have a tub of Cinnabun on it's way and will be very happy in the protein department in the upcoming times. Cost is a bit higher then the old Myofusion but lets face it. The old Myofusion they were selling a bit cheaper at the end to get it out of stock for this new line. Whey and other protein costs have skyrocketed. I've seen several brands of protein I purchase starting to raise their prices. Gaspari has provided a solid product at a solid price.

At the end of the review one the big things you have to ask yourself. A. Would you recommend this to a stranger that asked you whats the best protein. B. Would you give it to a friend to try. C. Would you buy this again. I can say in this product I would answer yes to all three of the above.

Nutritional Value: 9
Mix-ability: 10
Taste: Chocolate 9, Vanilla 7, Strawberry Creme 8
Fullness: 9
Overall: 9 out of 10 for Chocolate and Strawberry Creme. 8.5 out of 10 for Vanilla.