Some may recall I created a beginner log last summer with Alpha-T2 and Erase. I went from 15stone7 to 13stone6 in around 10 weeks in total (I went past the log!).

Now, since that time I have started a new job and life has been damned hectic which threw all semblance of order and routine out the window. That changes right here!

I have put on a great deal of mid-abdominal podge and upper thigh podge. Luckily, my arms and upper chest are still toned. I am looking to lose the lower fat, show the sixpack again, and build lean muscle.

I will be using the following:
Creatine Mono (1 x 5g per day)
Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition) 2 scoops per day (1 AM and 1 after workout)

My routine is a 6 day routine consisting of...

Tuesday - Sunday:
30mins HIIT (High Knees, Sprint on spot and 20mins HIIT Bike)
30mins focused free-weight exercises (will clearly define later; I have got a few new bits of kit, including kettlebell @ 20KG and pull-up bar)

Rest day and easy eating (to upset any bodily habits that may occur due to diet change).

Due to my job, I will do this at around 6pm when I am back from work, leaving it perfectly timed for a flexible evening meal where extra calories will be consumed by the raging metabolism.

This log will commence from Tuesday 10th January, with before/after pics.