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  1. D2football's RecoverPro The Review

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    RecoverPro is a 4:1:1 BCAA drink by AI Sports Nutrition. It's been a couple formula changes over the years and has a cult following. Most of that said following fits into 3 categories. Lemonhead, Raspberite, or Mixed (Lemon and Raspberry mixed). I can say from trying them all many times I fit strongly in the Lemonhead category. RecoverPro has became my BCAA of choice and I have now went through roughly 7lbs of RecoverPro I feel I am a semi RecoverPro Expert on it's flavors and effects and can give you guys a review on this wonderful product.

    First what is RecoverPro exactly? Per the AI Sports Nutrition website, it contains "BCAA’s consisting of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, which are amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is what your muscles need to be able to recovery and grow.

    Consuming free form amino acids, in the form of BCAA’s will provide a quick boost to your amino acid pool, and therefore increase recovery, endurance, vascularity, and many other things."

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    The biggest thing I've noticed from RecoverPro is lack of soreness and recovery time from lifting. I can definitely tell when I've been drinking RecoverPro and say the week that I was out and had to go without. My muscles seem to recover at record speeds when I'm slamming the Lemonade tasting drink down. With it in 48 hours when I hit the gym again to lift my muscles have no soreness at all, verses a slight soreness without.

    Another amazing thing that RecoverPro is great for is using it to cover up the bulk powder supplements you might be taking. Taking DAA powder? LCLT? Cissus Powder? Toss in a scoop of RecoverPro with those powders and drink it down without wanting to throw up. (DAA and Cissus are especially gross tasting powders)

    Dosing is key to any BCAA. Not enough and the effect will be diminished. According to AI Sports the dosing guidelines is:

    Less than 160 lbs = 1 scoop
    160-180 lbs = 2 scoops
    Over 180 lbs = 3 scoops

    At 3 scoops I believe that is 18 grams of BCAA (12 L-Leucine, 3 L-Isoleucine, 3 L-Valine)

    On a normal day I dose as so:
    Morning - 1 scoop with DAA and other powdered supplements.
    Pre Workout - 1-2 scoops with any pre's I'm taking, usually just Agmatine as of late.
    Intra Workout - 1-2 scoops in my intra water bottle.
    Post Workout - I usually have a protein shake, if I don't and I'm craving something sweet sometimes I'll toss a scoop into my post water.

    With there being so many options in the BCAA market taste is a huge determining factor. This is an area RecoverPro shines, with Lemon and Raspberry flavors you will most likely have a flavor that will rock your world. Some people even love to mix the two and have a Raspberry Lemonade. I'm still partial to the lemon flavor but have been known to change it up with a Raspberry now and again.

    The next deciding factor is cost. 125 Servings runs about $39 which is a great deal, sometimes you can find it on sale and I try to load up during those times. It's one of the most cost efficient flavored BCAA's on the market today.

    Mixabilty will be the last topic I'd like to touch. RecoverPro has the same problem many BCAA's have in that you usually have to mix it a couple shakes, then let it sit for it to mix fully. It's better then Modern BCAA, but I've had a couple other brands mix a bit better. This has never really been an issue to me because I usually mix it let it sit a couple minutes and come back and it's ready to drink.

    In closing I definitely recommend RecoverPro to people looking for a BCAA to add to their supplement stack/supply. Tastes great, works as described. BCAA's are especially usefully for anyone who is doing a fasted lifting regimen. Best part of the review I forgot to mention, if you haven't tried them yet, AI Sports will send you out samples if you hunt down one of the reps. Once you try the flavors you'll be hooked!

    RecoverPro I give thee a 9.5/10

    Definitely a member of the Recover Brothers!

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  2. Almost dejavu.

    Did MWB pose for the RecoverBro's picture?
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    Almost dejavu.

    Did MWB pose for the RecoverBro's picture?
    I laughed and thought the same thing when I saw the picture. I decided I had to sneak it into my review here.
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