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  1. SAN Elixair hGH Log

    SAN Elixair hGH Log

    I'm Peter and I'll be running a month long log on my experience with SAN Elixair hGH.

    I'll be posting my current stats and updating weekly with regards to weight, bodyfat %, and body measurements. Thanks to Allison and the people at SAN for allowing me to check this product out.

    I have been working out for my whole life through athletics and most recently after turning 40 a few yrs back and ballooning up to 245lbs with 30% bf. Since then, I've learned how to eat right, workout out 5 days a week and work in cardio accordingly based on the season. I competed in my first all natural bodybuilding show this past June and had some great experiences.

    As you may or may not know, as we reach (and in my case surpass) our 40's our natural testosterone levels drop. This causes issues with our energy levels, bodyfat levels, sleep issues, etc etc etc. I have tried several natural test boosters and when i was came across the opportunity to try Elixair, I jumped at the opportunity.

    I expect to see some good results with this product. I am currently in the process of cutting from 240lbs down to about 215-220 for a potential show in April. I expect this product to aid in the bodyfat assualt. last nite was my first experience with it and I can say I had a restful sleep. As I am typically a sound sleeper, this has never been an issue for me, but needless to say, with ZMA, I have always got a very sound/deep sleep. Last nite was no exception.

    Current stats:

    15% bodyfat
    chest 49"
    bicep 18.5"
    waist - 37"
    quads - 25.5"
    calves - 16.5"
    neck - 17.5"

    I have a very structured and clean diet over the next 16 weeks. 6 meals a day runningjust over 2600 calories and just about 300 grams of protein. My cardio will be ramped up to 5 days a week at 5am. Weight training is a 4 day on, 1 day off split hitting each major muscle group once every 6th day.

    Excited to see the results that Elixair brings!

  2. There he is! Great deal, Peter, glad you're here. For those who don't know Peter, he's a beast, you might want to follow along!

  3. Kind words man, thx! So day 5 on Elixair is in da bookz!

    Sleep from day one has been deep, restful and all around satisfying. As for the libido effects, let's use the Softballnerd's term of wanting to "sexually kill my wife" as pretty accurate. I've fortunately not experienced a decrease in libido (unfortunately for my wife of 12 yrs who runs away from me most nites) as I hit my 40's. For those of you who are in ur 40's and feeling the effects of decreased libido, try this stuff.

    I'm down 2 lbs since the end of my bulk on 1/1/2012, but diet, cardio and weight training have all been ramped up so i can't necessarily say one thing is the catalyst for that.

  4. Hey nice!! I'll be following along Fb!...the HICA component of Elixair especially interests me...

  5. Me too, schizm.

  6. Day #8

    As always the sleep on Elixair has been really good. Waking up feeling refreshed is such a huge deal when ur beating urself up in the gym 5 days a week. I have increased my cardio to 6 days a week with a few days hitting it twice. Still doing my typical 4 days on, 1 day off split with weight training. I am currently down to 235lbs which is about 3-5lbs lighter than I started last Sunday depending on when I weighed myself during the day. Morning's it's a clean 5 lbs.

    Strength at the gym has not decreased with the cleaned up diet and increased cardio.

  7. Lookin good, Peter!

  8. Day #11

    Weighed in yesterday at 233lbs which is +/- 6 lbs lower than when I started. Sleep has been great as usual. I am not noticing any effects is strength drop off or sluggishness on the cardio side from the drop in weight. Have cardio only today with a 40 minute jaunt on the treadmill. Feeling strong. Will take some progress pics today.

    Libido is still very strong in mornings when I wake. It's perfect cuz my wife loves to sleep late most mornings so....FML!

    Love Peace and Hair Grease

  9. Nice, Pete!
    ...have you used any other hgh supps before?

  10. Hey Schizm, sorry for the late response. Work is kicking my azz the last week. So, NO never used any other HGH products. Used a few other "test boosters" over the last few years. T Up and Triple Threat EX to name a few.

    As a quick update:
    I'm down 8lbs in 3 weeks. Noticing the libido taper off a bit after the first two weeks. Wondering if the Softballnerd is experiencing this as well or if it's just my ole wrinkly ass getting old! Strength and stamina are rock solid and haven't tapered with the bodyfat loss. Feeling invigorated each morning after the deep Elixair sleep.

    Still kickin the cardio 5-6 mornings and weight training 4 days on, 1 day off.

  11. It's definitely your old, wrinkly ass

  12. Day #21 Update

    5am cardio session this morning. 34 minutes - 540 calories burned. Sleep last nite was RESTFUL and refreshing as has been all along with Elixair. Weight is currently down 10lbs officially this morning in just about 3 weeks time. Over 3 lbs a week which is honestly ahead of where I thought I'd be when I started. Strength and stamina have not tailed off a bit. Hit some F'N heavy legs on Saturday and then went sledding with my kids which wasn't a great idea. Tough walking up the hill after sledding down.

    Libido tailed off a bit over the past two weeks but slammed back into action a few days ago. Not sure why that was. Nothing in my regimen changed. I'll chalk it up to me being 42 this week.

  13. You looked at your own new avi... libido went back up.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by allieninja
    You looked at your own new avi... libido went back up.


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