i was lucky enogh to receive a sample of this and boy am i glad i did! I love preworkouts, i have tried numerous, almost every single one over the last couple years..... I was very excited to try this since the formula looked awsome. Wokrout was great!

-mixability - 9/10 ....i rarely find anythign that mixes pperfect so no 10/10 but pretty close, no complaints at all

-taste - 9/10-taste was good....not the best ever or anythign but definitely good, nothing tocomplain about here

energy - 9/10 - im a stim junkie so prolly the only reason i ont give it a 10/10, 250 mgs of caffiene is nice and gave a clear mental focus which is what i love abotu a preworkout

-pumps 9/10 - pumps were great....i took it fasted so thats prolly the only reason pumps were not a 10/10.....

overall great product and woul recommend , i know its not a well known company but they difinitely hit the nail on the head iwth this one.

thanks agian for allowing me to try this out!!!