tst 750 and erase question.

  1. tst 750 and erase question.

    Hello all new to the forum just looking for some feedback and your opinions. Would it be worthwhile to run double dragon tst750 and pes erase together? Or separately. The tst 750 is a combination of D- aspartic acid and 6 bromo. I've never used it before but have previously used erase and enjoyed it quite a bit. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. I'd run erase, prob a week before your cycle ends
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  3. Thanks for the reply man. I ended up doing just that. Erase in my opinion is the better product. Im fairly new to the game as most of my knowledge is borrowed from a couple friends and sites when it comes to any sort of anabolic. I've yet to run anything harsh just because I don't have the finances at the moment. Paying off college loans is a bitch.

  4. Good choice

    Loans suck!
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  5. **** yeah they do. A-E-S is up my rear about it too.



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