Hdrol / Stanodrol 6 week cycle, will finish the log!

  1. Hdrol / Stanodrol 6 week cycle, will finish the log!

    Stats: 6'3, 215lbs, body fat 14 - 16%, guestimate.
    Goal for the cycle: Looking to recomp and overall just look better. Strength gains are not a major concern but I still plan on gaining some. Really just going to try to focus on working the muscle and solid form.

    Meal 1:
    60g oatmeal
    7 whole eggs

    Meal 2:
    6 oz chicken breast
    195g brown rice
    4 oz chicken breast

    Meal 3 (intraworkout shake)
    50g whey
    50g dextrose

    Meal 4: (postworkout)
    6 oz chicken breast
    195g brown rice
    4 oz brown rice

    Meal 5:
    6 oz chicken breast
    40g almonds
    4 oz broccoli

    Meal 6:
    40g peanut butter
    2 cups cottage cheese

    Calories: 3,004
    Fat: 94.8
    Carb: 253.1
    Dieatry fiber: 46.6
    Protein: 286.6
    Will be the same everyday, just varying sources of protein/carbs that match the macros.

    Hdrol 75/75/100/100/100/100
    Stanodrol 900/900/900/900/900/900

    Other on cycle supplements:
    Milk Thistle
    Fish oil
    Whey Protein

    Liquid Tamoxifen (Nolva)
    Testforce 2
    Creatine Monohyrdate

    Workout routine:
    Monday - Friday weights, legs/chest/back/shoulder/arms and abs 3 times a week.

    Cardio: - Since I'm on cycle catabolism won't be as much of a worry so I am going to be doing cardio 4-5 times a week. The type of cardio will be Low intensity steady state for 20-25 minutes, I like doing HIIT but I don't want my blood pressure rising too high.

  2. Day 1, Legs:
    Barbell Squats:
    265 x 8
    270 x 8
    270 x 6
    270 x 5

    Linear Leg Press:
    825 x 10
    915 x 8
    656 x 12

    Standing Smith Machine Calf Raise:
    215 x 12
    235 x 12
    255 x 12

    Leg Extension, working each leg one at a time:
    110lb per leg, 12 reps per leg
    110lb per leg, 12 reps per leg

    Hamstring Curl:
    150 x 10
    150 x 10
    150 x 11

    Seated Calf Raise:
    two 45's and two 10's for 12 reps
    two 45's and two 10's for 12 reps
    two 45's and two 10's for 12 reps

    I took the hdrol and then took a nap for 4 hours. Woke up feeling really anxious and low energy. I usually feel low on energy when I take naps in the middle of the day so that's not really new.
    Overall my energy was ok. Not high but not too low. After my workout I felt like I crashed hard though for some reason. Reminded me of when I use to take pre workout supplements and I would be drained and anxious after a workout. Hopefully this is just due to my sleep schedule being messed up today.

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