** AK47's 2012 PHREAK SHOW ** Anabolic + Test Freak Sponsored Log

  1. ** AK47's 2012 PHREAK SHOW ** Anabolic + Test Freak Sponsored Log

    Here we go, new year, new log

    First thing first, many thanks to Pharma Freak (and George) for hooking me up
    with 1 full month cycle of two very interesting products with a great

    The two products put together fit a protocol that has been reported to
    work very well: DAA + FENUGREEK
    But breaking down the ingredients these two products offers
    even more than that.

    Anabolic Freak not only provides the proven dose
    for DAA Calcium Chelate (3.120mg), proven to boost test by 42%
    in only 12 days, but also and anti-cortisol/anti-catabolic complex
    along with anti aromatase/estrgen blocker complex, both thru very well known
    ingredients like Rhodiola and Resveratrol.

    Test Freak "hits" test with Fenugreek, specifically here we have an
    hefty 700mg dose Testofen and 400mg Trigotest, as well as a Zinc Magnesium
    complex, DHT control complex and Aromatase regulation.
    Pretty cool combo on paper if you ask me.

    I used DAA before and I know it works very well on me,
    I used Fenugreek based products too, and they too gave me good results.
    The two together should be pretty neat.
    For those not familiar with my protocol/habits/diet here's a quick resume:

    I diet hard. I train harder.
    You will probably find my habits to go against most "rules" of bb,
    and most of the time again common sense as well, but it works for me

    I'm a low carber (max 30gr a day), I keep my BF around 4-5% all year round,
    I do Warrior Diet, I eat *as clean as it gets*, no cheat ever,
    I stay in cal deficit 6 days a week and I do 1 refeed a week, clean as well.

    6 Days on - 1 Day off
    Sun: Chest, Tri (High intensity & volume)
    Mon: Deadlifts, squats, abs (High intensity & volume)
    Tue: Traps/UpperBack/Shoudlers (High intensity & volume)
    Wed: Biceps/Full body depletion WO (high reps)
    Thu: Squats, Legs, Abs (High intensity & volume - refeed day)
    Fri: Back (High intensity & volume)
    Sat: Off (sometimes)

    I train fasted in the morning, only prewo and BCAA pre/intra/pwo
    My first meal is after 6 to 8 hours pwo
    My training sessions are hybrids with as-heavy-as-I-can sets followed by numerous super/burnsets
    I incorporate different "known" hardcore training programs,
    mix&match them according to my goals and how I feel.
    5 on 6 sessions a week are to failure, and they all tend to be very long (2h+ up to 3)
    Intensity of my workouts can be described "to annihilation", I overtrain,
    i like it this way.

    Pharma Freak products are gonna be dosed as suggested:
    Anabolik Freak: 4 cps a day 2cps morning/2cps mid-afternoon
    for 12 days, 3 days break
    Test Freak: 4cps before bed ED

    OTHER SUPS/Staples:
    BCAA bulk + Xtend 1:1 (10gr pre/15gr intra/10gr post)
    Fish Oil 3gr ED
    Vit C and D3
    Beta Ala 6.4gr ED split in 2 doses
    Recompadrol (amazing product): 1cps 20min prior each meal, 2cps prior each meal on refeed day.
    prewo: I cycle different ones, Craze is what I'm using right now

    5'10" about 150lbs (scale's broken right now so w/e) and about 4% BF
    You can see current pictures in my photo gallery

    First dose taken this morning, about to hit chest day now

    Subscribe, it's gonna be a fun run
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  2. Im down to follow brother!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. In..
    PEScience Representative
    http://pescience.com/insider http://facebook.com/pescience

  4. Welcome guys and happy new year everyone
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  5. Subbed most definitely your logs are great

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bean5er View Post
    Subbed most definitely your logs are great
    Thanks bro and glad to have you here!
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  7. Nice product intro
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  8. Subbed bro.
    Happy new year!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  9. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    Nice product intro
    They both have an interesting profile, that's really why i picked the log
    I'm purposely sticking to the 12days on/3off for the DAA one to see if there's a
    difference as opposed to run it ED (as I did in past)

    Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Subbed bro.
    Happy new year!
    Happy new year to you too bro! and welcome aboard :)
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  10. So started the new year with chest wo,
    and today was deadlift/skwats/abs

    First dose of AF first thing in the morning about 2h before lifting
    2nd dose mid-afternoon;
    first dose of TF before bed last night, and again AF today

    On chest day I kinda hurt my left shoulder right at the beginning
    when firing up the last DB press set, out of pissiness the rest of the session
    was brutal, as I usually do when something like that happens, I kept putting
    anesthetizing cream on it and carried on, paired my PR on flat bench and actually
    added some sets and reps here and there.
    As a result today my shoulder was killing me so..

    I put more cream, took a coupla strong painkillers and got ready for
    today's session. I felt (and actually was) very strong when I nailed 2 solid reps
    of my previous deadlift PR, then broke it the next try even if just by 2kg (4.4lbs).
    Because of that, mood was very good and carried out another pretty devastating
    session. Squats are not heavy on this day, I do only 4 sets, lighter weight (compared to legs day)
    but higher reps and shorter rest, but I do go raw and past parallel, really working on my form.
    Went very well and again because of the mood (and the magic scoop of Craze) abs session
    was great, tried out some new exercise and got very intense stimulation (not easy for me on abs..)

    DOMS on my lower back and abs are now so strong to make me forget about the
    shoulder pain problem solved.

    Waaaay to early to say anything about the products, but hey, new year and new stack def started well
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  11. w.e happened to this log?


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