Big thanks to Neogenix for allowing me to try this preworkout. Along with the Cryoshock I also got a Velocity shot and Velocity XT pills. Let me start off by saying that I generally don't respond well to stims. I've found myself to be heavily stim resistant when it comes to most stims.

Cryoshock: First, the packet that I received was pretty big and it tells you to use only half the packet. However, due to me generally not responding to stims, I took the whole packet. It mixed fairly well at first but as I was drinking it I noticed that there were still particles of the powder near the bottom of the cup. I had to swirl it around to keep getting the particles in the water.

I took this about 30 minutes before my work out on a fairly empty stomach. I didn't feel it kick in or anything, but by the time I got to the gym I noticed that I felt more awake and just in an all around better mood. As I started to lift, though, I felt as if every set I wanted to do another one. After that one, another. I felt extremely focused and just wanted to keep lifting. This stuff gave me a pretty good rush without a cracked out feeling and without a noticeable crash. Pretty solid stuff for someone who doesn't respond well to stims.

Velocity Shot: I decided to take this shot in the morning before I had to go to work. I had decided to take the whole bottle. The first thing you notice, is of course, the taste. It wasn't the greatest tasting shot in the world and it felt grainy as I drank it. So, I just downed the shot. I received a slight energy increase from the shot. Not very potent, but I felt a little bit more alert and was able to get through my work. I didn't get a crash or anything from this either, but, that could be in part because I didn't get too much boost from it.

Velocity XT: Packet had three pills, I decided to take all three at the same time. I got more of a boost from these than I did fromt he shot. Nothing too fierce, but I noticed I was more alert and ready to go. I felt warmer and it seemed like it was doing what it was supposed to do. However, couldn't get too much of a feeling for the fat burner due to it being a single dose.

All three seemed to be decent supplements. For me, the standout of the group was the Cryoshock compared to the others. Something that I would definitely consider purchasing.

Thanks again for the opportunity, Neogenix!