OKay first off big thanks for Neogenix for picking me. I got in my package of Neogenix Cryoshock, Velocity Energy Shot and Velocity XT pill form. I may be a bit bias cause I love Neogenix Supremacy seriously if you haven't tried it look it up its one of my favorites and its very underrated in my opinion. Currently the only other supplements I'm taking is protein, BCAA's for intra and cycle support. I don't normally take anything stim wise so I like to think I'm fresh for these products. So on to my review :

CryoShock - Took it 40 minutes before working out and in a fasted state. About that 30 or so minute mark I felt it starting to kick in before I got to the gym. It really gave me solid energy through the whole workout, I was able to push through a pretty grueling chest day. I was anxious to get to the next lift each time, rest periods were shorter cause I was pushing through easily. I felt like I could of done more but after an hour at the gym I just have to bail so the energy is there also no crash from it like other products I've taken. Not really a pump product didn't feel any pumps from it so no concern there for me. Overall its a good product with a lot of good stuff in it, I'd recommend taking a gander at it.

Velocity Energy Shot - I took this first thing in the morning before I had to go from an evening shift at work to morning shift. I took the whole thing just to see how i felt from the whole dose. I took half it held it under my tongue to get a taste not the best tasting thing in the world but far from the worst, its okay. I just downed the rest after that experiment. I wasn't jittery just felt alert and was able to stay on task all morning. I didn't hit a wall with it either which i like. I cruised through my day no problems what so ever.

Velocity XT - This product came with 3 pills i staggered through out the morning and afternoon at work. Again much like the energy shot i got good kick in the pants energy wise but nothing excessive. I didn't really experience much fat burner wise but it was just one day. But like the energy shot it was good energy and its convenient in pill form to pop one when needed.

Overall Impressions - All 3 products were good although I didn't expect much less from Neogenix like i said i love their products. I'd probably end up buying a tub of Cryoshock later on in the year for a stimulant preworkout cause i like the ingredients in it and i like my experience on it.