Neogenix Cryoshock Review

  1. Neogenix Cryoshock Review

    Ok so I tried my sample packet today. I took half a packet as directed on the package. Ten grams is a ton of powder so I mixed it with 32 ounces of water. Tastes great, but I forget what flavor it was. I mixed it in a blender, still some particles were found at the bottom of my cup but otherwise it mixed fine. About 5 minutes after I took it I felt great, had a nice boost in energy and mood. The bad thing is about 20 minutes later it was completely gone. So the effects only lasted me around 20 minutes. After that, nothing. Wish I could have taken the whole packet to see if that would have helped but I always assess tolerance with a new product, especially one that has stimulants in it. If only I had another packet....Then I could evaluate it better. Not sure if a whole packet would make it last longer though. It might be stronger but I'm not sure it would last any longer. If it lasted longer I would be getting some of this because I felt great. The only thing I don't like is the carbs. Sure it is only 3 but that is in a half packet. So 6 carbs in a full serving. I only eat 30 or less per day and they all add up. Anyway, thanks Neogenix for letting me try it out.

  2. Dang lucky i haven't gotten mine yet.

  3. 30 g of carbs a day? How long do you run this diet?

    I couldn't function low carb, may try it somtime, but I need carbs desperately .

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123
    30 g of carbs a day? How long do you run this diet?

    I couldn't function low carb, may try it somtime, but I need carbs desperately .

    True bodybuilder right there, wants almost zero carbs lol.
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  5. Thanks for the review! Each scoop has 125mg caffeine and 20mg 1,3 dimeth so for me 1.5 scoops is perfect! ( We prefer not to load up our pre's with mega stims)

    I am surprised it didn't last longer for you?? The Citrulline and COP usually give me a nice boost in endurance.

  6. I really liked it but only took 1/2 a packet. I should have taken the whole packet to evaluate it better, but I wanted to be on the safe side since it was something I haven't tried yet. Really like the way I felt but it just didn't last.

  7. Ok Neogenix was nice enough to send me another packet so I could take the full packet pre-workout. Unfortunately this time I didn't have a good experience. What I first noticed was that this time the powder had huge hard chunks in it almost like moisture damage or something. Also this time it tasted nasty. I kept burping it up during my workout. Also for some reason this time I felt like I was having trouble breathing. I had read about some people having this problem with 1,3 dimeth. I use DMAA all the time though in Motivate by AI sports but never have had an issue with it. Also my regular pre-workout omega sports flashover has it in it too. Really though I was getting winded easily even from walking up the stairs at the gym. I didn't feel good at all like I did the first time. It was almost as if I took something completely different. Unless the packet somehow went bad. Really I have no idea why I reacted that way.

    Thanks Neogenix for allowing me to give it another shot.

  8. Bump.

  9. Candy!


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