DAYUMM! IT'S HERE! I-Force's new PROTEAN, wait, what! AND MORE!!!!

  1. DAYUMM! IT'S HERE! I-Force's new PROTEAN, wait, what! AND MORE!!!!

    well, those who know what's happened with me recently understand how awsome this is.

    so I had an order problem, wasn't able to complete my order, going out of country to make a long story short.

    now, I didnt ask for anything, I understand business, and things happen, i was just happy with the bank putting my money back in my account.

    What does I-force do? they make it up to me, even though it wasn't really their problem! and go WAYYY above and beyond.

    to start, sent me not just the 2 flavors i ordered to sample, but all 3 flavors! but wait, they 2 day air mailed it to me! what! okay!

    so box is here....dayum, thats a big box!

    t-shirt, hat, maximize samples, yes samples, 6 of each flavor, dexaprine & hemavol (i got the watermelon already, not i get to try the lemon, sweet!). and the icing in the cake? a bottle of tt-33. funny, i was just looking at a bottle yesterday at the sup shop.

    does santa work for I-FORCE? hmmm.....

    now to the good stuff.....

    strawberry: mixed super easy in a non blender bottle shaker.

    taste, well, yes, the best tasting strbrry protein i've tried. i even enjoyed the foam.

    stay tuned for updates on the choco, and vanilla.....

  2. Great to see a company go above and beyond like that. Makes it easier to purchase their products.

  3. yes sir, good stuff right there.

  4. That's a good Christmas story right there! Dang, wish I had been able to order some...I love pretty much strawberry anything...esp in protein...

  5. okay, so took 1 packet of fruit punch maximize, 1 packet of hemavol lemon, and 1 dexaprine. (all seperately)

    fruit punch maximize: well, i should start off by saying fruit punch is my least fav of flavors of anything. did i like it? no, but if you like fruit punch flavor, you probably will. the after taste reminded me of a pixie stix. you know, the sugar powder candy in a paper straw.

    lemon hemavol: man, this stuff was good. loved it more than the watermelon flav. reminded me of a lemon head candy. tasty.

    dexaprine had no taste, it's a pill. lol.

    noticed quite a bit of foam after mixing the maximize, looked like a reaction to the compounds in it. didn't notice the foam until after i gulped it down though.

    im sure i'll like the ras lemon flavor maximize much more, as it isn't fruit punch. lol.

  6. Hope santa gets my wish list. Congrats lucky you !! Its nice to hear when companies go above and beyond glad to hear it.

  7. well i mean.........vaughn's pretty jolly.....but hes not THAT chubby

    im glad faith could get this all sorted out for ya, and looks like she REALLY took care of you look forward to hearing your thoughts on the choco/vanilla flavors!

    oh, and i would suggest saving one of the ras. lemonade max samples, and mix it with a scoop or two of hemavol.....flavor is pretty amazing
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  8. will do ^.

    so, took 2 servings of the vanilla cupcake batter, and it's funny, it really taste like cake mix, lol. good stuff!

  9. Woohoo!

    Glad you got the extras. We felt terrible about the bank mixup, so hopefully this makes things a bit better for you.

    Enjoy your time away
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  10. Good work Vaughn! I felt bad for this guy when the bank f*ucked his order up. It's good to see iforce go way above and beyond, yet again!

  11. yep, didn't bring any samples with me on my trip, but will continue the updates when i get back.

    but that dexaprine/maximze combo isn't for the non stim tollerant. whoo, that packs a punch.


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