AX Supersize/Ultra Reps Review

  1. AX Supersize/Ultra Reps Review

    I recently rec’d my promo sized tub of Supersize, thank you AX! Also, rec’d the promo sized tub of Ultra Reps some time ago…and have been experimenting with each along with White Flood.

    Info here:
    Athletic Xtreme SuperSize (45 servings): Discount SuperSize Supplements
    Athletic Xtreme Ultra Reps (20 servings): Discount Ultra Reps Supplements

    First, background, I’m a stim addict, no denying. I’ve used a ton of various pre’s over the last couple of years, some of my fav’s are SAN Launch, SAN Fierce, APS Mesomorph, NeoGenix Cryoshock, CL’s White Flood (along with some others I'm sure I'm forgetting)…as well as occassionaly tossing in 12-25mg of epherdrine (with all but meso & launch)…and usually 1g of agmatine with them (although currently not using agmatine going on week 3 now)

    So, while I was waiting for the Supersize to come in, was playing with:
    1 scoop White Flood/1 Scoop Ultra Reps = Good energy, good pump that lasted a good hour or so after working out
    2 scoops White Flood/1 scoop Ultra Reps= great energy & pump, although sweat a lot more…again pump sligtly longer lasting than usual

    Enter Supersize1 scoop Supersize/1 scoop Ultra reps= decent energy, good focus, really good/longer lasting pump
    2 scoops Supersize/1 sccop Ultra reps= MONEY! Although, yes I did noticably sweat quite a bit more, the focus/energy (aggression)/pump are fantastic…and have done this for the last several workouts…no crash, pump lasts most of the morning…

    My only problem is that it appears I only have 1-2 scoops left of Ultra Reps…but prolly a good 6-8 workouts left of SuperSize….would not question about picking some full tubs up when I finally run out though. This is quite the preWO combo.

    Ultra Reps: Taste/mixabilty,’s odd, when shaking up, no matter how much liquid is used, it appears the flavoring system falls out of the solution and clumps up at the bottom of the cup, odd. Not the best tasting berry flavor I’ve had, but not the worst.

    Supersize: Taste/mixabilty, better than Ultra…mixes up very well, Lemon Ice flavor is ‘alirght’, could be worse, could be better.

  2. Great review! Thanks for the info, im thinking I'll give this stuff a shot over Craze, all that jawing talk on the forums freaks me out lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Thanks JD! Craze is on my list to try as well, have seen mostly glowing reveiws of it...but from what I read most don't get a 'stimmed' type of energy, which tends to allow me to tap into a very 'aggressive zone'...ha! I think I'd miss that....but IDK...we'll see...

  4. First of all.. So sorry for missing this review.. Don't know how that happend!

    I'm really please to see that you tried out the combo of UltraReps and SuperSize, it's a combo I do enjoy alot

    Since it been a while since you tried it, have you tried Craze yet ? How would you compare the two ?

    Thanks again for the review, and sorry

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