CL's Gold Feast- Rev

  1. CL's Gold Feast- Rev

    Ok, so I scored a tub of this, VERY glad I was given the opportunity (thanks CL!)...Here's more info for those inclined...

    Gold Feast FAQ

    First, will qualify my reveiw by letting you know that outside of using various whey proteins (EAS, Dymatize, SP, Nutraplanet, Pro fac, Sportpharma, to name a few (mostly vanilla) and a blend here and there (Dymatize 12hr, LipoT), the closest thing I've used to Gold Feast (a meal replacement supp) is back in college (so like 1995-99ish) which was EAS Myoplex & Nature's Best, both further qualify, I've never had a lemon flavored protein before (yes, not even the exalted XF lemon!)...yet I'm a lemon fanatic when it comes to desserts.

    I've used Gold Feast 2x's now..both times mixing 2 scoops (1 serving) into a serving of Cream of Wheat (as part of post workout)...mixes up as smooth as you could clumps, nothing...the taste is right on lemon meringue, has just the right amount of tartness...and really the only thing missing is tossing some whipped cream on top for the added creaminess to come through.

    I'll be mixing some up in the traditional (shaker) way in the days to come...and will most definatley be tossing some of this into a Lemon meringue smoothie...but all in all a SOLID entry into the CL line guys!! I'll be picking more of this up in the future, I guarantee.

  2. Ohh yes, I am here!!!

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