Lit Up log.... peach tea!

  1. Lit Up log.... peach tea!

    Today i'm doing my first log on Applied Nutriceuticals' NEW LIT-UP: Lift Increasing Technology! I would first like to thank the reps for choosing me in this opportunity to log this product.

    A ruff background of myself; Im 23yrs old at 186lbs 10% body fat and have been active in sports and physical training since I was 12yrs old. On a typical week I am currently training 3 to 4 times a week usually only heavy lifting for 1hr a day. I am currently taking Anavite, Animal pm, and Monster mass.

    My current measurements as of week 1 include:
    weight =186lbs,

    Day 1,

    Now to the review- My first day on "lit up" was a chest day... I took 1.5 scoops of peach tea flavored "lit Up" and I must say that I was slightly dissapointed when I saw this was what they had sent me but I was'nt gonna complain. I took my first drink and was in love with the taste immediately, Its very refreshing and totally different from anything else Ive ever had. When I made it to the gym 30min later I felt nothing out of the ordinary but noticed a slight boost in energy and a certain drive/focus that nobody in the entire gym displayed. I did not notice any out of ordinary pump, however by the time my workout partners had plum run out of juice I was still repping out the big weight. My final thought after the first day was totally impressed and was already a fan for life.

    Day two,
    Today I was off to a bad start running on 5hrs of sleep for the past two days, I was within inches of picking up the phone and cancelling my workout. Instead I decided to take a couple scoops of "lit Up" and put it to the test! And I must say it stepped up! I ran through an intense leg workout to where most of the machines did'nt have enough weight for me to fully experience the extent of "Lit Up".

    Day three,
    Today went just as expected with an intense back routine in wich I finished with the same amount of energy that I started with, the only thing that made me quit was muscle failure... Which in my opinion is the only way to leave the gym. This product is my new must have supplement

  2. Goooooood stuff man!! Lit-up is LEGIT!
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  3. Week two,
    I'm now finishing my second week review on Applied Nutriceuticals "Lit Up" I went a head and took measurements again and noticed only slight changes that most could be associated to inconsistant measures but there was a significant change in weight and body fat.

    Body fat=7.8%

    Week 2, Day 1

    Today was the first day that I noticed any lag in my workout, I started great like last week but by the end of my intense bicep routine I was officially dragging ass. But I must say it was only in the last 10 min out of a 1.5 hour wourkout, I'm still totally impressed with the product. One other thing I noticed today is using a fork to stir this supplement is not an option, I typically use a drink mixer but I will use a shaker to further test its mixing abillity.

    Week 2, Day 2
    As yesterday was the first day I felt any lag in my workout I decided to see if my workout partner noticed any improvement in his workout so I mixed him up a cup. His first comment was that it tasted weird but I beleive he was expecting a different flavor. He never mentioned any super significant energy boost, but did mention a pump that was the best he's ever felt, he also stated that he liked it so good he was gonna order a batch. Now I took mine and felt I had a really good workout but I noticed his intensity had increased substantially.

    Weeek 2, Day 3
    again today was a great workout I decided to mix it up a bit and attempt a more cross fit workout with my combat challenge firefighters. I noticed a great focus and intensity that I plan to use at the next tournament. Over the week I ended up losing nearly 3lbs but also lost over 3% body fat which is both good and bad next week im going to try to increase intake and attempt to keep from gaing body fat.

  4. I would like to add that my agression has increased quite a bit as I was told by two different people that im getting quick tempered, also labido has increased slightly.

  5. Had really good pump after doing chest so much so that I measured my Bi's and noticed a half an inch on a chest day?( although im sure mainly due to tri's being pumped).

  6. Hey man. Looks like your hitting it hard and the lit up is working well for you.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  7. How's the training going? Did you ever decide to dose higher?
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP


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