Iforce Nutrition Beta Test INTIMIDATE!

  1. Iforce Nutrition Beta Test INTIMIDATE!

    Hey everyone,

    Names Luke and I'm going to be giving this new Iforce Nutrition Test booster a test!

    Here's some info about me as to where I'm starting.

    Supplements as of now:
    Next Level Nutrition Lean Pro Matrix
    Myogenix Omega 3
    Natural Selection Multivitamin
    Myogenix Joint tissue Repair
    Iforce Nutrition Hemavol Powder/Pills
    NZ Neutraceuticals Invincible

    Training methods as of now: DC Training

    Height: 5 8
    Weight: 210
    (Check Profile for any other stats)

    Right now as far as my testosterone levels they are right where they should be as far as normal levels go.
    My natural energy is good also.

    I'm starting this Log today and will update it 3 times a week.
    All the info I have about this product is that is to be taken at night time and its called Intimidate

    So here it goes!


  2. I'm in!


  3. Btw the ingredient was released. 30mg N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid per servin.

  4. Now I find out the ingredient the day after I post that! lol

    So here's my findings after being on the product for 3 days (which isn't much for length)

    There were a few things that I am keeping track of specifically that I will post on which are Libido increase,better sleep,more natural energy, and strength increase.

    In the first 3 days I have noticed a few things
    1. I'm a person that really doesn't have any trouble sleeping even after my workouts at that are at 830 at night, but I can tell this stuff definitely helps in the quest, especially putting the body in REM. Anyone watch Walking Dead? Last night I was in that show, but a zombie... Yeah.. Crazy dreams on this stuff.

    2. Before I started Intimidate I was kind've lacking in the libido area, nothing crazy bad or anything just not a lot of drive. I'm not sure if its the booster or if things are just turning around because in the last 3 days my libido is quite elevated.

    I will note that with the amount of calories that I take in normally I am quite strong so I will wait till around the week mark or longer to really be able to track any strength increases.

    Even though the product is going to be in capsule form, its not bad taking it in powder. Just smash the scoop under the tongue and let it sit. It actually tastes like candy so I'm down with that!

    More to come!

  5. great looking log so far Luke. Really excited we could get you all set up!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  6. So I decided to give the product a few more days for me to give it an overview and because of christmas with the family I have missed a post. But I haven't missed a workout and diet is definitely on track. I have noticed ALOT of things.

    My sleep is probably the deepest its ever been and I feel like im recovering like a champion.

    Hit my chest and bicep workout last Thursday and destroyed my PRs as far as flat DB press goes. I felt extremely strong even though I have been training in Denver Co opposed to Manhattan Ks. Even with the lack of oxygen im still killing the weights. Im looking forward to my shoulder and tricep workout. Mainly focused on strength improvements for Db shoulder press.

    Another thing I can note is that my Libido is through the roof and even with the lack of oxygen up here in Denver my energy levels are still awesome. I would recommend this product to anyone. But its Iforce and every single product from this company I love and has done well for me.

    Side note* got my dad some Protean for one of his Presents and he loves it. As do I

    Once again thank you Iforce for allowing me to test this product. Its awesome!

    iForce Sponsored Athlete
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  7. Wow man, what you say about sleep really excites me. Anything to sleep will help me wonders! I wake every 2 minutes I feel like haha.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  8. keep the updates coming Luke, loving it!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  9. I have been using this product for a while now and I can definitely see the benefits.

    As far as I'm concerned my strength is through the roof right now, I'm not sure if its because I'm once again training back in Kansas and can breath better or the product but its pretty noticeable and I don't think I can give all the credit to a tad more oxygen.

    This is the one thing that has interested me the most, it seems like every night now I'm having alot of vivid dreams and sleeping up to my alarm. Its awesome because I usually cannot stay asleep at all. Besides destroying my legs on Friday my recovery has been great. I think my legs are just torched from the Deep Tissue afterwards.

    Also another thing I wanted to bring up. Definitely an increase in this area and if you're lacking in these parts it will definitely help.

    Once again Iforce has come out with a product that does comes through. (Just like their Protean, that I smashed thru the holidays Taste stuff right there).

    Thanks again for this opportunity guys!

  10. Wanted to post again today because last nights back workout was insane. I know this log is about Intimidate, but Maximize/Hemavol Watermelon is just my jam. Felt like ripping out of my shirt and was busting out weighted pullups like no ones business. Aka Pump City.

    Anyways, back to Intimidate. Still doing work for sure, sleeping like a baby and feeling well rested. My natural energy is up and I'm not having to rely on much stimulation besides pre workout since I don't train till 830pm.

    *Libido is definitely on the rise I can definitely tell a difference.

    *As far as my strength goes it is definitely increasing I smashed last weeks reps with the pullups and had to adjust accordingly.

    *As far as recovery is concerned, I think its on the increase but my legs had no hope for any help after what I did to them lol.

    Lots of great things to say bout this product and like I've said multiple times Iforce is where its at. Good People, Legit Products = Winning.

  11. Intimidate will definitely be used by myself in the future after this testing.

    Side note* Dexaprine lasted me from 1130am thru my 830pm leg workout. If you haven't tried this product. Holy energy!

    As for the leg workout, my strength is definitely up. Here's what the squats looked like.

    4 warmups
    3sets of
    404 x12
    225burnout close stance
    = winning

    All I have to say about this product are good things!
    iForce Sponsored Athlete
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  12. Your squats are beastly

  13. Well thank ya, I think soon after im done with intimidate, ill post some pics of the cannons just wanna lean them up a tad! Was a little bit heavier on the lifts but i wanted to start hitting a taaaad more volume.

    Well, todays the second day in a row that I just didn't want to leave the gym. No other words to describe the workouts but just murdering them. Massive pump, thanks to Hemavol and Maximize, (god agmantine rocks my face .

    Strength is up.
    Libido is up.
    Endurance rocks probably from multiple things. Test boost, energy, and better nutrition delivery. (what im saying is pick up every Iforce product u can get ur hands on, wont let u down.)

    Also, side note, start taking Iforce's Heart Help today from the HS series. Winning.

    Once again I find myself continuously using and repping Iforce gear, even in my store its a top selling product. We rep it and people love it. So get on their supps people!

    iForce Sponsored Athlete
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  14. Def time for another post, sorry for my absence! Been busy busy with the store slinging Iforce to everyone!

    So I've really cleaned up the diet and added in some cardio but still killing alot of good clean food, mainly sticking with Oats, rice, coconut oil,olive oil,tuna,chicken,and protein shakes and veges.

    Im leaning up fast and I really haven't dropped much weight so.... intimidate? Not sure, but things are going well.

    Things I have definitely seen increase in:

    Sleep is awesome
    Strength is up
    libido is soaring lol

    So that combined with some serious training is doing work for sure.
    Especially when teamed up with some hemavol.

    This is what I smash preworkout for a nasty pump.
    1 scoop hemavol
    Half serving pill hemavol
    Ignition carb formula
    Branch chains
    iForce Sponsored Athlete
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  15. Sub'ed, looks like another promising weapon from iForce. Excitement acquired.

  16. here's a pic of the wheels.
    Nasty pump from the hemavol and that was my fst7 set.

    Intimidate has been one of my all time favorite products, and doing research on the ingredient has insured that I will be including this booster in my arsenal.

    Thanks again Iforce for the hookup, we rep it hard down here in Kansas!

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  17. i'm in, and look at the booty in the background, lol.
    Looks to be a great product ! Will try for sure


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