First off let me say thank you to Controlled Labs for letting me log this new product, i have been a avid user of there products over the past 3 years and have loved every last one of them. I had yet to use there Golden Gains product and now have an opportunity to use there brand new GOLDEN FEAST product, i must say i'm quite excited. I recieved my product today just two days after i gave them my address, quality shipping id say.

Starting Stats
Height- 6'3
Weight- ~200 LBS (exact weigh in monday)
BF%- ~13%

Training/Nutrition Program
Ok you got me at an interesting time, probally my most gruelling weird time of your the last month of my offseason before i start the preseason phase of Baseball. Im currently a Division 2 pitcher and my goal over the next month is basically to shed excess bodyfat, while working on gaining strength in legs, core, back, forearms, wrists, and aerobic endurance. My workouts are kind of a mish mosh of a bunch of things, i took the workout given to me by my strength coach and altered it a bit with somethings i have done over the years, so basically i have no exact routine but each day brings something different and challenging.

Im woring on the specifics right now, but overall a workout will include a warmup followed by weightlifting with focus on power, and explosion followed by hand, wrist, finger, forearm drills followed by some sort of cardio and finished with dynamic/static stretches. Basically you'll have to wait till after my workout to see exactly what im gonna do.

My goal is the same as i had last year, to get in the best shape possible both anerobic and aerobic, i'll peform yoga 2-3 times a week aswell for flexibility/injury prevention. Last year i came into winter at about 215 and dropped about 15 pounds over 6 weeks to get to 200 this year im starting at about 200 so i hope to shed about 5-7 pounds while maintaining strength which i did a good job of last year.

With this product im going to be taking the following

Powerchews Creatine
Glucosamine Sulfate
Fat Burner- I have a few unfinished bottles of some fat burners i'll throw in from time to time.

I'll officially start the log tommorow when i take my first serving of GOLDEN FEAST, Enjoy!