D2footballjrc's Fat Fellah Craze Review / Log.

  1. D2footballjrc's Fat Fellah Craze Review / Log.

    Craze review

    First time for a review here. A little quick background then straight to the review. A quick blurt about me, I'm pretty fat (29% body fat, down from 41%), on a mission to burn the fat and have lean muscles. I have a severe lack of motivation from time to time. Thus comes into the pictures the PWO's. I've tried Jack3d, White Flood, NO Xplode, 1MR, and other various PWO's. Today I got in Craze, and decided to give it a full run down. Cliffs on bottom.

    1. First thing I noticed right away was some clumps in my craze when I first opened it. I had shaken the tub before I opened it but still had some clumps. From touching the clumps they broke apart immediately. Not a big deal. Inside of the container was two silica gel packages which I removed. See picture for what Craze looks like.

    2. Mix-ability. Craze really stands out here. I had some cold cold water, toss a scoop in and 3 shakes and it was mixed up fully. It was a bit foamy but that went down fast. Amazing mix-ability, I haven't had any supplement mix this easy.

    Attachment 48335

    3. Taste. This is a mixed bag, the initial taste is wonderful, there is a nagging after taste that isn't horrible or completely unpleasant but it is there.

    4. Energy/Focus/Pumps/Time to Take Effect. This is very interesting part of Craze, I refused to let a placebo effect take over on this review so I went in very negative about the energy this would give. In fact I thought it gave me no energy and I was disappointed in the amount of energy. Then I looked at my clock and realized I had already been at the gym for over an hour. The energy isn't this super ultra rolling energy I expected like I got from other PWO's. It was there but the focus and concentration was the real star here. I could work out for hours on Craze and not even realize it. It literally felt like it slowed down time. I was pressed for time tonight so I had to wrap it up around an hour and a half. I didn't want to go, I had to force myself to leave the gym. I felt great, peaceful, and just calm. I had a mission (to burn fat, and make my muscles feel the burn) and that was all that mattered. Really amazing that while I was thinking to myself it wasn't working I was already under the effect of the Craze and didn't realize it. Being someone who has problems with 1,3 D (my body doesn't do well on it) it is nice to find a product like Craze that could give me such a great workout experience. Like I said 1.5 hours in I had to tear myself away to go home and spend time with the family. Calories burnt was 1291 in 100 according to my HRM. (Being fat and trying to get fit, calories and my diet are an important thing to keep an eye one. The HRM is currently the most accurate way for me to measure calories burnt)

    I can say from a week of use the best thing is the lack of crash and anxiety issues. Several of the PWO's in the past has caused me to have anxiety and anxiety attacks. (I still like my muscle marinade, I just had to cycle off it and drop the dosage back a bit!) I've not experience that on Craze. I am keeping my dosage low and making sure not to go past 1 - 1.5 scoops currently. Another key thing to point out, Craze works a lot better on an empty stomach then a full one. I still feel the effect if I ate supper say an hour before, but I take it on an empty stomach the effect has seemed to be much greater.

    Would I recommend Craze? Heck yeah. DS did a home run with this PWO. I thought with all the positive reviews that some of them had to be DS PR people.... let me tell you.. no it's that good. No crash like other PWO's I've taken as well. I found my PWO for some time now.

    Price: I paid 28.99 for my tub of Craze, Jack3d ran about 24.99 for me. The difference is $2 which Craze takes less scoops for me, (I had to have at least 2 scoops of jack3d to feel it, even at the beginning.) and just the taste and performance I got was well well worth it. A+ For DS Craze!

    Mix ability - 10
    Taste - 9
    Energy - 10 (SNEAKY SNEAKY!)
    Focus - 10
    Pump - 9
    Price - 8 maybe 7 if tolerances build up fast and thus cause more scoops to be needed. (After 3 weeks, I've not gained any tolerance yet.)

    I want to add, it's been 4 hours+ since I took craze and I still feel wonderful and content. I was having a moody bad day before. It's crazy the peaceful effect this has given me. You just feel good, not strung out or raging like some pwo's make me feel.

    I will be re-evaluating Craze in 1 week. Please check back for the update if you are interested. Thank you for being part of my first review!

  2. That review was from 3 weeks ago (Mine from bb.com). Since then I have not had to increase my Craze dosage and tolerance has stayed pretty stable. I do know that depending if I'm in a fasted state or not on my dose. If I haven't ate I take .75 scoops, if I've ate like an hour before or so I take 1.25 scoops. I have paired the Craze with Lemon RecoverPro and Agmatine and it's been amazing. I've shredded my body fat down to 27.4% from 29%. That is almost a 2% drop (7.9 pounds lost on the scale) of body fat. I highly recommend Craze. I also had the pleasure of Trying some Beast ******** (Amazing as well, Pill form makes it super handy!) and will have a review of it up soon as well. Craze has became my PWO though for the foreseeable future. Huge Thumbs Up!

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